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5 Reasons Your Website’s CRO Is Constantly Dropping

The essence of designing a website is to promote what you do and creating awareness of what you have to offer. Websites are similar to your physical offices but they have an edge over your office as they are not limited to people in your locality. This is because people that don’t even live in the state or country where your firm, establishment or company is located can have access to your website without having to visit your office. A busy office with people walking in and out of it premises is similar to a website having substantial traffic (website visitors). They are similar because they indicate that there’s a likelihood of progress in your business. They are only indicators that your business may likely flourish, you can’t actually be assured that your business will flourish because people are walking into your office. What if these people just came to make inquiries? What if they don’t actually end up subscribing to your service?

The same thing goes for website traffic, the fact that tons of people visit your website doesn’t mean that tons of people are actually being converted. Just like in the case of the office, it could be that the outlook of your office isn’t suited to the taste of the prospect, it could also be that the person was turned off by the manner in which your receptionist or secretary attended to him and her and many more. That’s for the office aspect.

The joy of every website operator is to see that prospects become subscribers as this is the only way that you can be assured of making money. Having serious traffic on your website without an equal amount of converts is as good as having a video of your receiving many views and likes but selling no tickets for your event or show. Yeah, it is that bad. Listed below are some criteria you can use to judge if your conversion rate is what it should be:

  • purchase a product
  • sign up for a newsletter
  • subscribe to a software
  • hire a service
  • download a free e-book
  • fill out a ‘contact’ us form
  • answer a survey
  • give feedback
  • take any action a page is designed to encourage.

Is it possible to have tons of people visiting your website without subscribing to your service? Why is your e-commerce website’s CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) is constantly dropping?  Below are some reasons why this could be happening.

No Obvious Call to Action

It is disheartening that some individuals are still guilty of this fact. This is as good as having a well designed and decorated the office with no billboard or worse having a beautiful office without a receptionist. A lot of people will end up walking in and walking out of your office almost immediately after they finish admiring your office. The importance of call to action indicators is very important as it draws the consciousness of prospects that “there’s more where that came from”. You can use words like “view details”, “subscribe”, “give feedback” etc.

Overly Compulsive Call To Action Words

Despite the importance of a call to action, it is more important to avoid making your prospects feel like they’ve already taken the action. The words used for a call to action on some websites will make you feel like you’ve already gotten involved already. The use of words that contain “now” should be avoided for as much as possible. That word indicates commitment and commitment that people have no idea about and people not ready for will scare people away.

Catchy Headline Empty Content

A number of websites on the internet are just good looking bottles with no wine inside of it. They have very captivating headlines but lack the adequate content to back it up. Try sticking to what works for you rather than what surveys think is most productive. Some individuals develop content better when they are guided by a headline while others develop content better when they start with the content itself. A good headline will bring in people but a good content will convince them to pay for what you have to offer.

Catchy Headline Different Content

Lemme tell you a story, related to football and the press or media. Arsenal Football Club ( a club in the English Premier League) has a player called David Dicks. At one time he got injured and had to sit out a game. The English press gave the public the news with this headline “Arsenal to Play With Dicks Out”. It reported that the club made a record sale as regards match tickets and also a record for the highest amount of female spectators at that time. This is the case of a number of website operators. They use catchy headlines to draw people’s attention but end up confusing people with the content of their website. This will cause your CRO to drop as people will see your website as one that doesn’t give proper information but promotes propaganda instead.

Under Optimised or Over Optimised Website

This is sometimes the reason for dropping in conversion rates. The fact that something worked when you did it once doesn’t mean that it’ll work ten times better if you do it ten times. Because you added a video and the increase to your website traffic doesn’t mean that adding ten videos to your website will increase by ten folds. This may end up hampering your website’s effectiveness as the videos may end up causing your website to lag. A lot of website operators have very much abused the use of keywords to the extent that these keywords are located in every sentence contained in the content.

Why Your Website Should Be Ready For Mobile First Indexing?

Mobile is the new normal, 3 out of every 5 searches happen on mobile and mobile far outpaces desktop as the number one method of searching, even Google recognizes mobile-first index and considers the mobile version of your site to rank it first before others because most people use Google on their mobile devices.

If your company’s website is not ready for mobile first indexing, it might not get a shot at ranking on search engines and they will not be visible. In other for your business to be on top of its game, you need to make some serious changes to your site from the user experience to the content optimization and the technical optimization, contact the best SEO companies and web development company to get an expert to build your site to make it ready for mobile-first indexing.

In looking at mobile-first indexing, you need to know what Google considers as mobile friendly and Jayson DeMers gave a great description, he said “Google just cares that people will be able to load all pieces of content on your page, read the text without having to zoom or scroll, and interact with any buttons present”. So you need to know if your design is responsive and can be viewed on mobile devices as well as desktop without hanging, if the speed is fast and the site can be loaded within 5 minutes because people leave when your site wouldn’t load, if your site can be viewed on mobile devices and is mobile friendly and responsive, if your content is relatable with quality visuals to attract them and if your site is easy to navigate and with these, you will know if your website is ready for mobile first indexing.

In addition to the above ways to make your website ready for mobile first indexing, ensure you make your contents shareable and with the option to save details for next time like on YouTube. When your contents can be shared, people can send it to other people on their social networks and you get more customers and when contents can be saved, potential customers can view the information’s later because everything cannot be done at once, some takes time.

Lastly, serve the same content on your mobile and desktop site. We know Google considers mobile version first before desktop but that doesn’t stop you from making your desktop version superb, 30% of the population still use desktop, don’t make them leave your site because of your ignorance. A good review is worth a lot in any business and people look at reviews before purchasing from a brand then don’ forget the goal of the brand in trying to please your consumers. Focus on the aim you set out to achieve and focus on that, don’t lose the mission of the business in the vision of other brands trying to meet up their goal.

7 Amazing Tips To Develop Best UX Design For Your E-Commerce Website

User experience is currently set at the forefront of every website development for an online store or a mobile app. All website and app development companies have to apply different strategies in order to maintain a good user experience. Some of the strategies work and some of them do not work at all. So, in a way, websites and app development companies needs a high level of innovative thinking and creativity in order to stay in business.

Not every e-commerce web development company or app development companies understand the different elements of user experience design. Apart from studying the behavior of online buyers or website visitors, it is important to check other user aspects of the website. The role of an ecommerce web development company is to ensure that the site is rendered more attractive or attention-grabbing to its users. Having a site which is entirely attention-grabbing is only possible when it has a nice interface. But, in today’s time, it is noted that website designing is not the ultimate thing. It is equally important to enhance the user experience to ensure that the websites pull a great deal of conversion.

User experience can enhance sales as well as the brand value of a business. As a result, an ecommerce web development company will give your business a competitive edge and long-term sustainability. That is the reason user experience designing is essential for website owners or e-commerce enthusiasts.

Top 7 Designing Tips For Ecommerce Stores

To have a good e-commerce business, it is vital that you run a good business website. It has to be fast, precise, easy to load and must have all the information handy so that your visitors do not get distracted by any unnecessary things.

The following tips will give pointers on where to direct your designing skills for your business:

  1. Visuals: Know the exact area to enhance color, typefaces, position and pronounced sizes of images and text. These elements should only be too pronounced for featured products or items on promotion.
  2. Consistency: On deciding on what visuals you will be opt-in for, ensure to stay consistent with your choice all-round the background of your page. Using different visuals on different backgrounds will only leave your users confused and your reputation in shambles.
  3. Quality: The contents on your page won’t do your business any good if they are just copy paste contents. Your images and video files should speak the best of quality if you intend to generate conversion through your website and mobile app.
  4. Simplicity: Keep the pages and contents simple. Unnecessary design and media content will clog the message you are trying to pass to proposed clients.
  5. Navigation: This is the key to conversion, if your site is pleasing enough and users can’t navigate back and forth different pages then the effort put into your website has been in vain.
  6. Responsive: Your website should be designed to be responsive such that any and every device can comfortably access its content with ease.
  7. Convention: Ensure that the laid-out uniqueness you proposed for your site still navigates back to the acceptable conventions for website creation.

Magento Ecommerce Agency Designs For Your Website

Magento ecommerce agency web designing techniques are one of the most popular web designing options available today for e-commerce entrepreneurs and business owners. Varien Inc had developed Magento ecommerce agency as a significant open source system for content management. Since the time it had come to the market, Magento ecommerce agency has completely captured the attention of the audience as the best solution for all e-commerce related problems for various store merchants.

Magento e-commerce agency has completely changed the way e-commerce businesses are run by staying more acute, stronger and more minimal to both users and developers and has the following benefits to offer:

  1. Secured and safe payment gateways.
  2. Fast, easy and affordable deployment options.
  3. Search engine optimization tactics and techniques.
  4. Currency conversion features.
  5. Buyer friendly features like
  • Customer reviews
  • Wish-lists
  1. Multiple store options.
  2. Sharing link for contents on social media.

Magento ecommerce agency is the most popular web development platform in the world today and specifically for ecommerce vendors. E-commerce businesses thrive on the functionality of their business website as it is the door to all their business endeavors. Magneto’s technologies ensure that your business website remains easy to use and navigate easily.

Revamping Web Development Skills- Expert Tips You Must Follow

Web development is a fast-changing industry, this is where the money is and the new trend plus so many businesses are looking for web developers to help them code, create, design and revamp their website, so there is no slacking. To be an expert in this field, you need to continue developing your skills and improving your work to be ahead.

In order to be better at what you do, you need to refurbish your web development skills by going to a website development company to learn or by studying, practice makes perfect so executing what you learnt is more desirable and we will share five expert tips in this article for you to follow if you want to revamp your web development skills.

Have a strategy

Before you plan on developing web skills, you need to have a strategy, a plan, a goal so that you don’t fall by the way side when things begin to go rough or not the way you want it. Know what you set out to accomplish, know who you will like to work for and what you want to do to get to where you want to be. This will help you focus on what you plan on doing and will help you revamp your skills.

Practice makes perfect

Write codes daily, Rome was not built in a day so perfection does not come in one second, you need to work hard. Practice daily to reduce errors and improve your typing skills, learn shortcuts and different coding types, this will make you more productive and help you figure out the best features to use to get your coding done faster and accurately. Every seasoned web developer will give you this advice because this is one of the ways to get to the top. Why it may be a very obvious tip, everyone knows you have to write codes a whole lot to be better.


Put your work out there for people to view and criticize, work for people and different companies, this will make you better and get you more jobs. Also work with others to learn more ways to get your work done differently, practice new things daily like WordPress development, it is fun plus you will acquire knowledge and learn to work in a team.

Know your tools

Know their features, menus, contents, links, plug- ins, best codes, designs, the best developers out there will tell you to know the in and out of your tool. You don’t have to know all the languages, know the main ones and stick to the one you love. As a developer, you should be familiar with simple languages but it is best to have a favorite and know everything about it.

Know codes

What differentiates an expert from a beginner is the ability to know what great code looks like and what bad code “smells” like. Read up open source tools and framework and get familiar with the languages and codes there.

Php 7 For Your E-Commerce Store – The Best Server Side Scripting Language

Php is a scripting language that web development companies use in creating web programs and sites for users. Php is an acronym for hypertext preprocessor that literally works with the HTML contents of a web page. Php interacts with the HTML text of a program and ensures it brings life to it dependent on the specified instructions given to the HTML contents.

When HTML went live as the language of the web, web development companies have since then made it stay relevant to all developers. This relevance gave rise to the need to add interactivity to these Plain texts. This need made developers and web development companies from all around the world try to come up with programming languages that will help achieve this. In this process JavaScript was created, Php became existent, Python came into the picture, Ruby also surfaced and many more.

Php unlike other scripting languages provide better security, quick response time to users and offers way cheaper hosting options. This set of advantages has made PHP to be the number one server-side scripting language that you can find behind almost all websites created by businesses and commercial web development companies.

Just like the websites being developed with PHP, the language has also seen numerous variations and versions over the years. The version before PHP 7 was PHP 5.6 and both versions have quite a number of differences with upgraded features in version 7 which has set it apart to be the best server scripting language for your ecommerce development store.

Why Php 7 For Your Ecommerce Store

Even though Php has been in existence over the years, it has continuously maintained its simple balance and ease for a complete overhaul of an existing system. The adoption rate for version 7 is still receiving a slow turnaround but that is because version 5 has been around for quite a lot of years.

Below are worthy advantages for you to move your ecommerce development store server language to Php 7

  1. Memory Consumption: Php 7 comes with a low RAM consumption by half of what version 5.6 offers. This will allow for ecommerce stores to consume less space on mobiles.
  2. Variations: Even with less adoption ratio, version 7 already has variations of 7.1, .2, .3 and variations of 7.1… as well. This will allow for cross platform accessibility and multi-user options.
  3. Error Free Features: Version 5 doesn’t condone large files and 64-bit integers which makes it prone to errors with difficulty to be handled. Php 7 attempts to fix this shortfall and provides multiple errors handling options for platforms.
  4. Added Operators: Php 7 comes with a new comparison operator that can compare 3-way values and a null operator to check if an item exists or not.
  5. Return Type: Php 5 and its predecessors have not been able to let developers declare the data type of a return function. Php 7 corrects a lot of errors and allows for the return value of a function to be declared.

With existing stores like Amazon, Jumia, and the likes, new ecommerce platforms should be ready to surpass the layed out functionality of these stores. Using Php 7 will give them the advantage of creating more responsive store designs and add all necessary special effects for their store. Since Php is an open-source program, elements from other websites that seems fascinating enough can be recreated for your ecommerce development store.

User interaction should no longer be slow and redundant for your everyday shoppers. Your site will learn more about its users and help you increase your sales conversion while putting you out there for the best SEO search results.

How Are Mobile Apps The Big Benefit For E-Commerce Sites?

According to the International Telecommunication Union, about 77% of the population is online and over 5 billion people are mobile subscribers. People are always with their phones, browsing and getting information’s making it a wise choice for e-commerce sites to outsource the creation of their mobile app to a very good mobile or Magento development company that will design their app to fit their brand and get people to access information’s and make orders through that medium instead of going all the way to the website.

There are more mobile devices in the world than the total number of computers and television units combined, meaning your ecommerce site needs a mobile presence to stay connected with its customers and that’s the best way to keep your business savvy because ignoring the trend is not an option if you want to survive in the business front and gain customers.

There are several benefits of using mobile apps for your ecommerce sites that enable your business win in all ramifications and some of them are:

Customer interaction

Customer satisfaction in business is very important, customers prefer ecommerce sites that are available and can respond to their queries immediately which makes mobile app adequate for your business since it makes it easy for the site to interact swiftly with customers which will make them purchase, return and tell others. According to statistics, approximately 80% of customers order at the spot when they are responded to immediately, making mobile app a valuable tool for the modern business.

Apps reduce costs

Mobile apps are the fastest ways to engage with your customers and they reduce the cost of marketing physically which includes printing, transportation and other miscellaneous expenses that may be incurred. They also reduce staff workload especially for customer service officers.

Business growth

Internet marketing is the way forward in this digitalization era and with your site’s mobile app and social media engagement, you can get more customers because people are researching daily to get the best and cheapest place to purchase products and services. If you don’t have an app, it is advised you get a professional or better still someone in the app development company because they know what they are doing and have worked for several businesses and will stay in touch if you need anything.

Push notifications

Just like newsletters, push notifications to remind customers of the happenings in the business, the sales, the loyalty program, the new products and it helps you build brand awareness for your ecommerce business. Ensure you also notify your target audience of something they might like by relating with them, this builds relationship and loyalty.

Enhances user experience

Unlike some websites, mobile apps are very responsive and are great for storing larger amounts of information making it easier for customers to access the app and get the answer to the questions they will like to be answered. Humans are impatient but mobile apps make the work easier for them because they are mobile- friendly and does not take time to be accessed like some websites making user experience befitting.

Top 10 Traffic Driven Social Media Platform that Can Bolster SEO

Establishing a following on social media platforms and engagement goes hand in hand with Search Engine Optimization. If you do not have contents or engagement or followership, it will be impossible for search engines to collect data and put on their search results when consumers request for information. Every business is supposed to have a “Contact us” address and phone number including a social media page which will make it easier for people to view the authenticity of the business and engage with you and because of this, there is a law that is about to be set relating to businesses that don’t have a contact us channel since people demand to know where they want to purchase from.

Some businesses don’t think it is mandatory but it is about to be, and if you cannot keep up, you can get an ecommerce web development company to handle that. In this article, we will shed light on the top 10 traffic driven social media platforms that can support SEO.


The World is moving towards visuals; they say a picture is worth a 1,000 words, but a video is worth 1.8 million words because, in just a short amount of time, a lot of information can be passed. SEO has teamed up with video content to make it more searchable, and that is why a YouTube video shows up first in a search engine result before the texts. According to YouTube data statistics, we watch over 4 billion YouTube videos a day making this platform one of the best to raise your brand’s awareness.


Everybody is on Facebook; this social media engagement platform has more than 1.71 billion people from around the world use it monthly according to statistics which makes it a “Must have” social media page for your brand and an SEO bolster for your business. This platform has so many segments to make it very engaging for individuals and for businesses making it another great platform to earn good business leads.


Twitter is another great social media platform that supports SEO, and there is a lot of engagement. With over 313 million daily users, it is easy for you to engage with customers and join a trend to get people to view your page. It is also a great way to get engaged with people, and it is a mini search engine as people search for information on the site. Ensure you use the correct hashtag when you tweet so that people can view your content when they search and also use keywords that will draw people to your site.


This is another visual social media platform that is great and can increase your site’s traffic. With more than 80 million photos and videos shared each day, there is a lot to look at but if you make beautiful and engaging ones, the rate at which people may find your image or video will be higher.  Ensure your visual tells a story, the photo quality is high, the layout is well-designed, the caption is catchy, and the hashtags are on point and watch how people will be on that visual and your page in a day or two.


There are over 1 million brand pages and 175 million active users on the platform; this is a platform where images are posted, creative ideas in images which are called pins. If you want to share pictures of your product, then this is the platform for you, and as a visual platform, it is quite easy for search engines to select your pin in their result.


LinkedIn is a business-minded platform, but this is the best way to sell your services by giving them an irresistible read backed up with visuals. With more than 380 million users worldwide, LinkedIn can be used to search for clients and customers and mostly drive traffic to your business.


If you are looking for search engine optimization, it is best to be on this site and be active because it is owned by Google so there will be a greater chance your site will be searched in this platform. This platform is not so popular, but it creates brand awareness for your business.


Flickr was acquired by Yahoo in 2005, it may not be popular but it is a great platform to post your videos and images. With approximately one million photographs shared daily and more than 112 million users, your content will definitely get traffic if done right.


This is a site where you can ask a question and experts in the field or people with knowledge in that field will respond to you. A quora link is always available on most search results, and people tend to look at your business when you respond to people on the platform.


This was very popular before Facebook came around but it is still active, and there are still people using it that will like to purchase your products and services. It also drives traffic to your site and is SEO-friendly.

Expert Recommendations for Boosting ROI of Your Business

At the end of the day, what businesses are driving at with all of their efforts is the return on investment, they want to see the results, the data and know their efforts wouldn’t go down the drain and there is profitability. For you to know where your business is and what you need to do, you need to look at the analytics to measure data, and you can use Google analytics which is a free tool that lets you measure your advertising ROI. If this is too complex for you, you can get a professional from any Magento Ecommerce Agency to help you with this area.

It is also very important to acquire knowledge in this field so that you can understand data, metrics and how to measure them to know where your business traffic is. There are several expert recommendations for boosting ROI of your business to enable you to understand the insight of using this process and in this article, we will give you 5 of these expert recommendations.

Focus on engagement metrics

It is good to have followership statistics and know the number of impressions you have, but that does not equate to conversion, you need to focus on engagement metrics that equate to ROI. Engagement metrics give you the statistics of what is doing well and not which will help you focus on the real opportunities that lead to business growth.

Content Marketing

Update your contents, this stimulates the interest of your target audience and also make them shareable to gain new followers, more engagement, and more conversion. Also, identify the content you will need to schedule an update later by measuring those that do the hard work based on the awareness and conversion it brings. You can also revise a good content to schedule and post later by just picking the catchy phrase and adding new contents to post.

Use visuals

After building up your content, ensure it has at least one relevant and quality image to spread your content to a wider audience. Images receive 94 percent more views and are 40-times more likely to be shared according to statistics which means you gain audiences and a higher rate of conversion.

Make your website mobile-friendly

Mobile is what the World uses now, and most of the engagement and queries in businesses are received from mobile gadgets making it a great deal to ensure your website, blogs, services, videos, and images are mobile friendly. When your business is easy to access, you get more people porting to your brand. If you can’t keep up, let an SEO company do the job for you.

Create a well-defined marketing strategy

If your business does not have a marketing strategy, it might lose its balance because there are so many things that need to be done but when there is a strategy, you know what comes first to make the maximum possible ROI, you know your target audiences needs and how to focus on that without drifting away from your goal and the marketing budget.


5 Appealing Reasons to Hire an SEO Agency for your Business

Search engine optimization is very crucial for a brand; it does not only create awareness but can bring in customers and generate profit. It is not new that this is the digital era and most people do their researches online, according to Google, more than half of users doing online searches will visit the first site their search engine brings out and majority do not go beyond the first page so it is important to make your website SEO friendly and keyword attractive to rank on the first page.

In order to get your brand to the top, it is better to get a professional from an SEO Agency to help you put your website on the top page of search engines. Some people prefer to do things on their own but this task is time-consuming and can be very challenging which might hinder you from getting work done and to this, we will be emphasizing 5 appealing reasons you need to hire an SEO Agency for your business.

SEO agencies know what they are doing

The mistake some people make is thinking they can do this on own because it is online, they think it will be easy but this is the opposite, it takes time and dedication and if you are not in line with the latest trends in marketing, you might miss the very essence of optimization. By outsourcing SEO to an ecommerce development company, you get to work on other sectors of the business plus the professionals know what they are doing so you don’t have to get worried about the job.

More traffic to your website can bring in new clients

No matter how good your business is if you do not have an online presence you cannot attract so many people in this era because people like to do a minimal research before getting a product or service from a brand and if you don’t have, your competitor might just get the new client. SEO agencies come with the techniques and skills you will need to increase traffic to your website bearing in mind what you want to achieve and who your target audiences are so they will work in building an online strategy for your business.

Overtake the Competition

The very essence of online presence is to create awareness and overtake the competition. When your website stands out from others and your SEO presence is top notch, you attract the people and get the attention you desire. Stand out from the crowd, invest in a good SEO agency with an in-depth knowledge of how to do the job and make your brand’s presence known.

Mobile friendly

Mobile-friendly services are what is trending now, people use their mobiles to search queries and according to Google, 50% of search queries globally now come from mobile devices and about 60% of consumer traffic comes from mobile phones too meaning mobile is the way forward. If you are not an SEO expert or a data scientist, you might not know these statistics and the trends making this a compelling reason to hire an SEO agency for your business. Do not get behind trying to learn all these when you can do something else, it is lovely to know but it is better to get it handled which is cost effective and allows you focus on other aspects of your business.


Algorithm changes

People are not the only ones that are interested in mobile-friendly websites, Google is also one of those interested and this helps Google to optimize search relating to that. Google is constantly updating their algorithm to improve their search results to give their consumers the best result possible and a better user experience. With that said, it is best to get in touch with an SEO expert that understands algorithm so your business will be able to adapt to these changes and dominate searches.

How To Run WordPress As Successful Booking & Appointment Reservation Site?

WordPress is a phenomenal platform for one to sell products and services, run a website for ones’ business, or publish content for the readers. But the thing is, if you schedule and manage appointments for your business, you know how painful it can be, especially when personnel have limited or irregular availability but on WordPress, one can run a business where booking, appointment, and reservations are the essential key but for that you will need to use more than what already comes with the WordPress core. While it is necessary to keep your website secure, to achieve SEO, and keep your loading time less than one second; making sure your core functionality stands out is what you need to make all the difference when it comes to the success of your brand presence online.

Advertising agencies in Dubai claim that for a successful booking and appointment reservation site, adding booking functionality to your WordPress site will do by making things easy for your visitors and help convert them into new customers.

Do you want to allow your customers to book an appointment directly from your WordPress site? You may want to customize your appointment booking form to meet your business requirements.  This is where WordPress booking plug-in comes in. Many businesses, marketers, developers and also every website development company need an appointment booking form which allows customers to easily book an appointment with just a click. However, there are few common things that you should look for in your WordPress booking form plugin. In this article, we will tell you the best WordPress reservations and booking plug-ins and also their features.

Aims to do it all

WordPress has many comprehensive plugins. WordPress booking plugin that does it all, from booking, reservations, to appointments and even event reservations.  It allows you to add a professional online booking management system into your WordPress site.

Multiple Appointment calendars

With multiple calendars, people can choose the specific type of appointment they want to book. Each calendar has its own event duration, notification emails, description, appointment form, etc. They have made this possible by creating a separate category within this tool for “projects”. It is here that you can create different calendars for your business’s unique scheduling needs.

Payment support

Plugins like Booki, Acuity scheduling, appointments+ and almost every other plugin has this feature, the ability for any booking system to accept payments. With WordPress, this means integrating with a cart system. Your visitors can book appointments from your website and pay for it using their PayPal account or credit cards. After integrating with a cart system, customers can pay for appointments without ever having to contact your team.


Booki and many more plugins like booking calendar, WPforms, Acuity Scheduling syncs the site’s calendar with your every other calendar if you allow it to such as Google Calendar, iCal, Android, Outlook, etc. not only that, it even has a customizable email notification and reminder system to keep you, and your clients informed about your future reservations, bookings, and appointments.

Set appointment length

Another important feature which is only available in a handful of plugins is of a good online appointment booking system, is the ability to specify appointment lengths so everyone knows exactly how long the meeting will be. With CM Bookings and Bookly Booking plugin; you can specify the length of appointments for the calendars.


If you are a professional with a busy schedule, it is helpful to specify your available days and hours of the week. In this case, it is essential to specify your schedule in the calendar which is visible to the visitors on your website as well. This feature is in many plugins e.g. CM Appointments Bookings Plugin, booking calendar where not only the admin can define time availability, they can also specify which days are off.

Mobile booking

Google has made it essential for all websites to be mobile-friendly still the importance of having a mobile-friendly booking calendar on your WordPress cannot be understated. Since people use their phones to schedule meetings or appointments. So, your WordPress site must be able to keep up. Almost every plugin has a mobile-friendly feature.

WordPress has saved the day by online appointment booking systems. If you are in it to win it and you play your cards right then it significantly reduces the tedious back and forth of setting and confirming appointments. With a booking calendar, clients or co-workers can schedule appointments and meetings on the spot with just a single click, right on your WordPress website. Viewing booked appointments in a calendar can also help businesses stay organized. It is a self-service system that can make life a whole lot easier.



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