Top 100 Ecommerce Influencers In The World

Hey eCommerce Folks out there! Developing a business in the online eCommerce world from a scratch is a journey that many people before you have decided to take. If you’re an eCommerce merchant, enthusiast, upcoming startup owner and want to learn about the eCommerce world, then you should follow these 100 experts because these folks have something more valuable to teach you.

1. Andrew Youderian 

Winning CupAndrew Youderian


Andrew is the founder of eCommerce Fuel, a private community for six- and seven-digit store owners. He also shares eCommerce tips in his podcast.

Twitter: @youderian



2. Austin Brawner

Winning Cup

Austin Brawner


Austin is the founder of E-commerce Influence and has compiled excellent marketing tools and growth strategies for E-commerce companies.

Twitter: @a_brawn



3. Ezra Firestone

Winning CupEzra Firestone

Ezra Firestone runs Smart Marketer, a blog that covers all aspects of online marketing and focuses on e-commerce. He also heads Blue Ribbon Mastermind, a group exclusively for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Twitter: @ezrafirestone



4. Bruno Levesque

Winning CupBruno Leveque

He is the co-founder and CEO of PrestaShop, one of the leading e-commerce solutions in the world, which feeds more than 250,000 online stores around the world.

Twitter: @bruno42



5. Richard Lazazzera

Winning CupRichard Lazazzera

Richard Lazazzera gives excellent advice on entrepreneurship and online sales at A Better Lemonade Stand and was also part of the Shopify Blog Team.

Twitter: @RichardABLS




6. Tobi Lütke

Winning Cup

Tobi Lutke

Tobi Lütke a CEO and Co-founder of ShopifyHe was also part of the core team of the Ruby on Rails framework and created many popular open source libraries, such as a Typo, Liquid and Active Merchant blog engine.

Twitter: @tobi



7. Brian Dean

Winning CupBrian DeanBrian Dean is the mastermind behind Backlinko, a reference resource for all things SEO. Brian’s blog contains articles that teach effective optimization techniques that can help any business gain more visitors. 

Twitter: @Backlinko



8. Chad Vanags 

Winning CupChad Vanags

Chad is the Chief Digital Marketing Analyst in E-Commerce Influence and is a Master Level Certified. He helps online retailers get actionable information from their web analytics and turn them into profitable customers.

Twitter: @ChadVanags



9. Jay Baer 

Winning Cup

Jay Baer is an entrepreneur, speaker and marketing writer. He has a particular ability to apply “traditional” marketing techniques, such as social media and content marketing, to the field of e-commerce. 

Twitter: @jaybaer



10.Linda Bustos

Winning CupLinda Bustos

Linda Bustos is an ecommerce blogger specializing in optimization and conversion strategies. Along with her writing, she also leads the digital experience of Skava Commerce, an innovative e-commerce platform.

Twitter: @lindabustos



11. Larry Kim

Winning CupLarry Kim Larry Kim is a big name in the online marketing industry, with a particular focus on paid advertising channels. He writes for various publications and ranks eighth among the most popular authors of Medium, which is not an easy task.

Twitter: @larrykim



12. Neil Patel

Winning CupNeil Patel

Neil Patel probably don’t need introduction. He manages many of the most prominent digital marketing blogs on the web and has extensive experience in practical Ecommerce Tips.

Twitter: @neilpatel




13. Tim Peter

Winning CupTim Peter

Tim is one of the pioneers of the e-commerce industry. He started in 1995. His consulting firm in Internet marketing and e-commerce, Tim Peter & Associates, has helped many companies find the right strategy for them.

Twitter: @tcpeter



14. Tracey Wallace

Winning CupTracey Wallace

Tracey is known to have changed things for the BigCommerce blog since joining the company in October 2014. She is currently the editor and produces important e-commerce content.

Twitter: @TraceWall




15. Amy Porterfield

Winning CupAmy-PorterfieldAmy Porterfield is co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies and Social Networking Strategist, helping online businesses in their marketing efforts. Their podcasts have helped many online businesses create the right brand.

Twitter: @AmyPorterfield



16. Rand Fishkin

Winning Cup

Rand Fishkin Rand Fishkin is the founder, author and blogger of If you are looking for SEO optimization tips for your e-commerce store, now you know where to go! And then we have the most popular, Pizarras Blancas on Fridays.

Twitter: @randfish



17. Marsha Collier

Winning CupMarsha Collier

Marsha Collier is the author of more than 40 books, mainly devoted to e-commerce and digital marketing. She also appeared in the Forbes Top 10 Furturest. Ms. Collier blogs and presents podcasts to help businesses grow and prosper.

Twitter: @MarshaCollier



18. Jason Del Rey 

Winning CupJason Del Rey

Jason Del Rey is an experienced e-commerce journalist. He is a senior copywriter at Recode, where he covers Amazon, e-commerce and payments. He has been a business journalist since his arrival at Magazine Inc. in 2007.

Twitter: @DelRey



18. Peep Laja

Winning CupPeep-Laja

Peep the founder of ConversionXL, His knowledge related to conversion optimization is outstanding, and his article related to increasing conversion rates of e-commerce stores is one of the most shared e-commerce contents.

Twitter: @peeplaja



19. Ben Marks

Winning CupBen Marks

Ben Marks is an “Evangelist Of Magento” and his blog, as well as his social networks, is full of useful information, updates and tips for users of the Magento platform.

Twitter: @benmarks




20. Steve Hutt

Winning CupSteve-Hutt

Steve Hutt is a writer, professor and entrepreneur in e-commerce. Founder of eCommerceFastlane, he is responsible for one of the best Shopify-centric resources on the Web for entrepreneurs at all levels.

Twitter: @stevenhut




21. Hendrik Laubscher

Winning CupHendrik Laubscher

Hendrik Laubscher has huge name in the e-commerce industry, He leads Buy Box Experts for Amazon retailers and is also the founder of Blue Cape Ventures, a research company dedicated to online retailers.

Twitter: @henlaub



22. Graham Charlton

Winning CupGraham Charlton

Graham Charlton is the editor-in-chief of SaleCycle, an e-commerce-driven behavior tracking company that provides retailers with tools to improve all aspects of their sales through behavioral analysis.

Twitter: @gcharlton




23. Dan Barker

Winning CupDan-Barker

Dan is an eCommerce consultant who has helped many companies grow in the UK, the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Having started his career as a software developer, he is now one of the leading e-commerce consultants in the industry.

Twitter: @danbarker



24. Andy Geldman

Winning CupAndy-Geldman

Andy is the founder of Web Retailer, a site that helps companies sell in markets like Ebay, Amazon and others. He shares extensive research and statistics, essential guides and interviews with the world’s best sellers on his blog.

Twitter: @andygeldman



25. Drew Sanocki

Winning CupDrew-Sanocki

Drew was the owner of Design Public before selling it. He is now a growth advisor for e-commerce executives. He blogs for nerds

Twitter: @drewsanocki




26. Armando Roggio

Winning CupArmando

Armando is the main author of EcommerceBoy.Net and one of the most important contributors to Practical Ecommerce, one of the leading ecommerce blogs. He is also the marketing and e-commerce leader at D & B Supply.

Twitter: @armandoroggio



27. Ryan BeMiller

Winning CupRyan-BeMiller

He is the founder of Shopping Signals, His blog is about almost everything related to e-commerce. His own publications are available on his  social accounts, but you can fully equip the industry after spending some time on your articles.

Twitter: @shopsignals



28. Alan Strom

Winning Cup

Alan Strom

Alan is the owner of Pulse Storm LLC, creator of Commerce Bug and is also the author of “No Frills Magento Layout”. If you operate an e-commerce store in Magento, it is the perfect agent to follow all tips, news and tips.

Twitter: @alanstorm



29. Dave Chaffey

Winning Cup

Dave Chaffey

Dr. Dave is the co-founder and co-CEO of, publisher of online marketing tips. He has written very successful books on digital marketing, e-commerce and digital business.





30. Jason Goldberg

Winning Cup

Jason Goldberg

Jason is the Head of Trade and Content Practice at Razorfish, He has over twenty years of experience in the development and implementation of retail purchases. He is also the host of Jason & Scot Ecommerce Podcast.

Twitter: @retailgeek



31. Pat Flynn

Winning Cup

Patt Flynn

Pat Flynn is one of those geniuses who make a living by generating passive income through his blog. The blog is full of useful articles on SEO, social networking and motivation. Although he regularly covers e-commerce directly, his advice on various digital marketing topics applies to all users.

Twitter: @PatFlynn


32. Nicole Reyhle

Winning Cup

Nicole Reyhle


Nicole Leinbach Reyhle Founder of RetailMinded has spoken to crowds of 20 to thousands of people on retail issues ranging from marketing, operations and marketing to retail operations.

Twitter: @RetailMinded



33. Zia Daniell Wigder

Winning Cup

zia Daniell Wigder

Zia Daniell a Co-founder of Groceryshop and Head of Content at ShopTalk. She is a leading expert in the globalization of e-commerce and digital businesses. She is uniquely positioned to provide information on the evolution of e-commerce in the industry.

Twitter: @zdwigder



34. Nathan Huppatz

Winning Cup

Nathan Huppatz

Nathan Huppatz a co-founder of Readytoship. a B2B tool that automates the manual parts of the shipping process for e-commerce stores. Owner of an e-commerce store, Nathan is an expert in retail and e-commerce.

Twitter: @huppy



35. Charlie McBroom

Winning Cup

Charlie MacBroom

Charlie Mcbroom is a Co-founder of ‘Fitted Commerce’, he speaks very well about his career in the business world and his success in the world of e-commerce in general.

Twitter: @McEcommerce



36. Chris Goward

Winning CupChris Goward

Chris Goward author of “You Should Test”. The book includes a series of case studies that show how e-commerce companies are achieving exceptional results.

Twitter: @chrisgoward




37. Rich Page

Winning CupRich Page

Rich Page advices to e-commerce businesses about conversion rate optimization (CRO). He is the author of Website Optimization: an hour a day and also posts regularly on his blog Rich Page: Website Optimizer. His approach is accessible, simple and original.

Twitter: @richpage



38. Web Smith

Winning CupWeb SmithWeb Smith is e-commerce director at GearPatrol and also founder of 2PMLinks, a daily newsletter with selected links and quick commentary on brands, data and e-commerce. He has a strong field of knowledge related to the e-commerce industry.

Twitter: @web



39. Dejan Jacimovic

Winning CupDejan Jacimovic

Dejan jacimovic is a Co-founder of Stunt Coders, presenter of the eCommerce Show: each episode presents an interview with the owner of a store or the leader of the opinion on ecommerce.

Twitter: @dejanjacimovic




40. Alex Harris 

Winning CupAlex Harris

Alex Harris is one of the most popular conversion experts and speakers. He helped several ecommerce stores to build and optimize hundreds of ecommerce stores. He’s also published an Amazon bestselling book and topped numerous lists as a top conversion rate optimization (CRO) specialist.

Twitter: @alexdesigns


41. Tucker Schreiber

Winning CupTucker schreiber

Tucker is a growing marketer at Shopify and a serial entrepreneur. Since experience is the key to the e-commerce industry, you have the opportunity to learn from one one guy that are in front of your heart.

Twitter: @tuckerschreiber




42. Charles Brun

Winning CupCharles Brun

Charles is a founder of MTL- Ecommerce and the director of Dynamic Yield. For ecommerce retailers looking to improve the effectiveness of their productThere are few influencers who can match charles level of passion and expertise.

Twitter: @_charlesbrun



43. Bryan Eisenberg

Winning CupBryan Eisenberg

Bryan Eisenberg co-founded Buyer Legends, he’s brother of Jeffrey Eisenberg and they have also written several books, many of which go directly to online retailers. He has worked with many e-commerce stores and his book Be Like Amazon is mandatory for all users of the online space.

Twitter: @TheGrok


44. Branden Moskwa

Winning Cup

Branden Moskwa

Branden calls himself an intelligence agent in e-commerce. He was a finalist at the Business Excellence Awards at TD and the Chamber of Commerce in 2015. He regularly blogs and presents a podcast to share tips and tricks on how to manage the e-commerce industry.

Twitter: @bmoskwa



45. Pawel Ogonowski

Winning CupPawel Ogonowaski

Pawel Ohonowski is co-founder of Growcode the 1st all-in-one solution for IT-free ecommerce optimization. I’m known as the “Ecommerce Optimization Guy” and I like to challenge optimization norms whenever I can.

Twitter: @p_ogonowski



46. Alaa Hassan

Winning Cup

Alaa Hassan

Alaa Hassan is an e-commerce entrepreneur and a Teacher. He leads the E-commerce training academy, which helps the new and established entrepreneurs. He is also a founder of Linen Chest which is an online Homeware store.

Twitter: @mralaahassan



47. Matt Thorpe

Winning Cup Matt ThorpeMatt Thorpe is an E-commerce expert and a well known name in the world of E-commerce. Matt is He Helps multiple businesses to grow their online sales and how to get big.

Twitter: @Thorpeedo




48. Thomas Smale

Winning Cup

Thomas is a founder of helps the businesses by sharing his most effective columns. He is a columnist at share article about e-commerce.

Twitter: @ThomasSmale




49. Pamela Hazelton

Winning CupPamela-Hazelton

Pamela Hazelton is an eCommerce and online business consultant. She helps the business and entrepreneurs to succeed in the online world. Pamela is also a contributing editor in PracticalEcomm.

Twitter: @pamelahazelton




50. Ina Steiner 

Winning CupEcommerceBytes

Ina Steinar is Editor and Co-founder of EcommerceBytes. She is independent daily news source for online businesses and retailers.

Twitter: @EcommerceBytes




51. Steve Chou

Winning CupSteve-Chou

Steve started an online store that made 100k in the first year of his business and now helping multiple business and teaches them how to replicate his success.

Twitter: @mywifequit




52. Hazel Bolton

Winning CupHazel-Bolton

Hazel Bolton expert in content marketing, user experience and optimization. She guides the content strategy in User Conversion, an excellent resource of ideas for all users of the online world, especially for online retailers.

Twitter: @hazelana_b



53. Catherine barba

Winning CupCatherine-Barba

Catherine Barba is well known name in the digital business world. She has founded and co-founded several digital business in france. Catherine is wrote several books about eCommerce and the future of retail.

Twitter: @cathbarba



54. François Momboisse

Winning CupFrancios-Momboisse

François President of Fevad (French e-commerce & Distance Selling Association) since 2002. international digital operations for the FNAC. François is one of the best head of Ecommerce in Europe.

Twitter: @fmomboisse




55. Andre F Bourque

Winning CupAndre-F-Bourque

Andre is an Ecommerce Consultant covering high-growth industries. He writes about multiple Ecommerce topics like Brad Messaging, inbound marketing social media marketing, Content marketing, seo, Community marketing.

Twitter: @SocialMktgFella



56. Debra Templar

Winning CupDebra-Templar

Debra a founder of Templar Group Pty Ltd and also a retail business coach and professional consultant, author and speaker. She aims to help small businesses to increase their growth.

Twitter: @DebraTemplar




57. Stéphane ALLIGNE

Winning CupStephane-Alligne

Stephane is blogger, speaker and a well known name and also considered as expert in Ecommerce and retails. He is a managing Director at DOTNET. Stephane is also a Co-author of Internet marketing published in 2016.

Twitter: @Stefalligne



58. Brendan Witcher

Winning CupBrendan-Witcher

Branden is Vice President of Forrester and also Senior Analyst of Digital Business Strategy, E-Commerce. He helps digital business professionals, professionals and experts in consumer behavior and technology trends in the space of business engagement.

Twitter: @BrendanWitcher



59. Ricardo Tayar

Winning CupRicardo-Tayar

Ricardo is an expert in Ecommerce and also a founder and CEO of Flat 101 which help businesses in Ecommerce, Online Transaction and the Development of Digital products.

Twitter: @rtayar




60. Nic Brisbourne

Winning Cup


Nic a venture capitalist aim to UK based Ecommerce companies to invest in. He also writes about his experiences on Europe’s most popular venture capital blog – The Equity Kicker.

Twitter: @brisbourne




61. John McIntyre

Winning CupJohn-Mclntyre

Johan is famous and well known name in the digital business world. He proved his expertise in E-commerce and email marketing and life cycle marketing.  

Twitter: @JohnMcIntyre_




62. Liviu Taloi

Winning CupLiviu-Taloi

Liviu is a well known guy in E-commerce industry and also expert in conversion rate optimization, Online marketing and web analytics. He helped multiple business with his expertise and help them to grow.

Twitter: @ltaloi



63. Nacho Somalo

Winning CupNacho-Somalo

Nacho a verteran of E-commerce, he is an Entrepreneur and professor of Business Schools In Innovation, Entrepreneurship and e-commerce. His mostly publications are in spanish.

Twitter: @nachosomalo




64. Pablo Renaud

Winning CupPablo-Renaud Pablo spent around 18 years in developing Ecommerce and marketplace projects. His mostly publications are in spanish & he love coffee 🙂

Twitter: @pablo_renaud




65. Raul Dorado

Winning CupRaul-Dorado Raul helping multiple projects on internet and Managing partner of Segunda Planta which is an agency related to E-commerce, Initiator organizar Sevilla, and partner of AZAranda Ecommerce Portal, Most of his publications are also in spanish.

Twitter: @RaulDorado



66. Gianluca Diegoli

Winning Cupgianluca-diegoli Gianluca an Ecommerce Author, Independent marketing strategy advisor and Co-founder of Mostly his blogs are around Ecommerce at minimarketing.

Twitter: @gluca




67. Simon Lilly

Winning Cupsimon-lilly

Simon previously Headed up ecommerce & digital Fatface, Lush & Liz Earle. He is now Head of Digital at Neal’s Yard Remedies. He has some serious skills in the digital world and helped a lot of businesses to grow.

Twitter: @simonlilly



68. Steve Dennis

Winning CupSteve-Dennis

Steve have remarkable share to the digital world. An Innovative Strategy consultant, Keynote Speaker, Author & catalyst on retail and digital disruption. Steve is also contributor in forbes.

Twitter: @StevenPDennis




69. Doug Stephens

Winning CupDoug-Stephens

Dough have a very professional role the digital world and retail. He’s speaker author of Reengineering retail and global advisor on the Future of Retail. Dough is also a well known contributor to the Business of Fashion.

Twitter: @RetailProphet



70. Talia Wolf

Winning CupTalia-Wolf

Talia Wolf is an expert in CRO (conversion rate optimization). She Is one of the top influencers, Trainer and speaker. Talia Help business grow   fix their funnels with emotional targeting & customer-driven optimization.

Twitter: @TaliaGw



71. William Harris

Winning CupWilliam-Harris

William a founder of Elumynt and a professional growth marketer. William is one of the top ecommerce experts. He helped multiple ecommerce businesses grow.

Twitter: @wmharris101




72. Michael Anderso

Winning CupMichael-Anderson

Michael is the co-founder of Etail Solutions. He is also featured as the best presenter in eCommerce conferences and in Seller’s Conference for Online Entrepreneurs. His presentations have become alot famous among listeners.

Twitter: @TeamEtail



73. Chris Brogan

Winning CupChris-Brogan

Chris is CEO of owner media group. He also encourages people to do what they love to do and not follow others.

Twitter: @chrisbrogan




74. John Jantsch

Winning CupJohn-Jantsch

John is a business marketing consultant, speaker and author of Duct Tape Marketing. Ebay, HP and many other successful organizations followed what john said in his speeches.  

Twitter: @ducttape




75. Tara Johnson

Winning CupTara-Johnson

Tara is a lead reporter at CPC strategy and a well known writer in the field of eCommerce, data and social media and discussed these topics in detail.

Twitter: @CPC_Tara




76. Catalin Zorzini

Winning CupCatalin-Zorzini

Catalin is a founder of, Ecomolatforms and ecomm design. He is passionate about driving customer engagement for clients through content marketing.

Twitter: @zorzini




77. Chris Lake

Winning CupChris-Lake Chris is head of marketing at vestedHQ. His tweet focuses about commerce and content marketing, SEO, CRO, Designs CX, UX, SaaS and multiple startups.

Twitter: @lakey




78. David Boada Edo

Winning Cupdbcn

David established his place in the world of ecommerce and several other fields by his professional experience.He is ecommerce and digital Marketing specialist. Mostly his publications are in spanish.

Twitter: @davidboada




79. Bryan Kramer

Winning CupBryan-Kramer

Bryan is a writer and speaker covering the topics of online marketing. He mostly focuses on those topic particularly relate to social media. Ecommerce retailers can stay up-to-date with the latest and effective social media strategy.

Twitter: @bryankramer



80. Paul Rogers

Winning CupPaul-Rogers

Paul is a founder of Vervaunt and eCommerce Consultant. He mostly worked with magento, Shopify plus. Paul is ambitious and energetic digital marketing professional and has great contribution to the Ecommerce.




81. Tim Ash

Winning CupTim-Ash

Tim a CEO of sitetuners and the author of landing page optimization. He’s also a public speaker and has appeared at many high profile events as the keynote.

Twitter: @tim_ash




82. Kevan Lee

Winning CupKevan-Lee

Kevan lee a VP of marketing at Buffer, One of the top social media management tools for brands ,agencies and marketers. He’s also writes for top publications.

Twitter:  @kevanlee




83. Aaron Orendorff

Winning CupAaron-Orendroff

Aaron was editor in chief of shopify plus. He is the founder of IconicContent. He is also ranked as top 10 B2B Marketer.

Twitter: @AaronOrendorff




84. Jon Loomer

Winning CupJon-Loomer

Jon loomer is one of the best marketers and provides the best strategy to utilize the facebook for ecommerce sales. He helps multiple business they are starting out or looking to increase their current conversion.

Twitter: @jonloomer



85. Jeffrey Eisenberg

Winning CupJeffrey-Eisenberg

Jeffrey Eisenberg an investor, speaker & advisor  he’s one of the top marketing optimization experts. He’s also two times best selling author.

Twitter: @JeffreyGroks




86. Tim Ferriss

Winning CupTim-Ferriss Tim is author five # 1 NYT/WSJ bestsellers. He’s an investor in huge companies like Uber, Facebook and much more. His first business/interview podcast reached over 150 million downloads and become much popular among the audience.

Twitter: @tferriss



87. Jason Billingsley

Winning CupJason-billingsley Jason is a co-founder of Elastic Path Software and Zolo Realty.

Twitter: @jbillingsley





88. James Gurd

Winning CupJames-Gurd

James is Owner of Digital Juggler, Ecommerce and Digital media marketing Consultancy.He mostly join the conversations on twitter and give advice.  

Twitter: @JamesGurd




89. Mike Quindazzi

Winning CupMike-Quindazzi

Mike is Managing Director leading sales for US Digital Alliances for PwC. His consultancy  lead multiple global companies to success and help them to grow.  

Twitter: @MikeQuindazzi




90. Vishal Mehta

Winning CupVishal-Mehta

Vishal is the founder and MD of Imfibeam. Ecommerce and Startup these two topics Vishal is more passionate about. His Company’s mission is also to drive growth for eCommerce Startups.

Twitter: @vm34




91. Kaleigh Moore

Winning CupKaleigh-Moore

Kaleigh is a writer her article published in top platforms like Entrepreneur and Inc. She gained enough experience in ecommerce and now helping others to improve their businesses.

Twitter: @kaleighf




92. Luiz Cent

Winning CupLuiz-Cent

Luiz is Head of Customer Success at MailShakeApp,Consultant in Ecommerce Cosmos and  an eCommerce entrepreneur and mainly focused on CRO and Inbound Marketing.

Twitter: @LuizCent




93. Sam Mallikarjunan

Winning CupSam-Mallikarjunan

Sam is the Chief Revenue Office at flock and Co-author of ” How to Sell Better Than Amazon”. He was also a former executive strategist at HubSpot.

twitter: @Mallikarjunan




94. Markus Linder

Winning CupMarkus-Linder

Markus is CEO of Smart assistant and leading Digital Advice technology for online mobile and Instore.

Twitter: @markuslinder




95. Paul do Forno

Winning CupPaul-Do-Forno

Paul is Managing Director of Commerce & Content at DeloitteDIGI. He has more than twenty years of experience in strategy, Consulting and technology.

Twitter: @dofornop




96. Brian Solis

Winning CupBrian-Solis

Brian is well known author on topics like technology, business development, Digital transformation and startup culture. He’s also a huge social media influencer because of his additional expertise.

Twitter: @briansolis




97. Matthew Howells-Barby

Winning CupMatthew-Howells

Matthew is Co-founder of TTTSEO community, Director of Acquisition at HubSpot. Due to his expertise, he is also a social media Influencer.

Twitter: @matthewbarby




98. Jeff Bullas

Winning CupJeff-Bullas

You may have heard about Jeff at some Point, He is an Ecommerce Influencers and social media marketing strategist & speaker, Forbes Top 10 Social Media Influencer.

Twitter: @jeffbullas




99. Martin Cook

Winning CupMartin-Cook

Martin is an Adwords Expert, Ecommerce & Social Media influencer and knows much more about Tech, marketing and eCommerce. He helps Online businesses with PPC, SEO strategies.

Twitter: @Martin_Cook_




100. Chad Rubin

Winning CupChad-Rubin

Chad is a CEO of thinkCrucial & Skhubana_ERP. He shared best Strategies for seller who wants rapid eCommerce growth.

Twitter: @itschadrubin




Phew! That is a wrap ! So, there you have it! The 100 top Ecommerce influencers. You can also check out our roundup in which we have gathered 40 High-Profile Seo Experts Advised 3 Tips On Keyword Research Which might help you in the online business.

Have we missed anybody out?  Let me know if you guys feel I missed someone who should be on the list here. I will update accordingly. 🙂