Drive conversion on your Magento 2 shop during the holidays, 10 easy marketing tips

Almost half, about 46%, of the overall yearly sale happens in holidays. Total sale for holidays this year, 2018,  is projected to be $1 Trillion. And total holiday online shopping is expected to be $123+ Billion this year.

US Holiday Sales


The sales in eCommerce are expected to grow by 17% and the overall retail industry is expected to grow by 3.8%.

Why Use Digital Marketing to Promote your eCommerce business?

  • Digital Marketing or Inbound Marketing is being used because of the beauty of inbound marketing. In inbound marketing, people will come to the business by typing in search engines like Google for their queries and purchase whereas, in outbound marketing (TV or Newspapers), businesses will go after customers.
  • Do you know, according to InternetLiveStat, around 3 billion people are using the Internet. That’s a lot of people! and the user base is steadily growing. That’s why it is estimated that digital ad spending will grow to $129.23 billion by 2021.

Why Magento 2 is better for your eCommerce business?

Magento Powers 28% of the Global Websites and there are 2.9 Billion Mobile Online Shoppers being served by Magento. And no. of online shoppers served by magento will double in 2020.

Magento 2 has come with a new feature which is more demanding in the market as compared to other platform and also runs easily without any hassle. There are many eCommerce online store development companies which can help you flow up the data to the newer version.

Top 10 Tips for Improving Sales and Conversions in Magento 2

Given below are 10 tips for improving the sales and conversion rates for your Magento based online shop in holiday season;

1. Revamp your website design with the help of “Season Specific Interface” in Magento on any occasion

Season Specific Interface: There is a great feature in Magento that makes the visuals of your Magento store occasion-specific. This may be set by going to CONTENT > DESIGN > SCHEDULE

personalization in email marketing

Normally, small logo and short thumbnails of the products are not good enough to get the desired results. When you have arranged a full set of products for Halloween and prepared your store for that, then you should make the visuals of whole categories that are available. This will increase the holiday fever and ultimately conversion on your store increases.

For Example –

Using Magento, you can theme your online store for Christmas, not only page content as well as the header and footer.  Or add holiday specific banners to the homepage. Inside the Magento admin area, there is an option of “Design” under “Content”. Using this option, you can change the design for the time of year. 

2. Optimize advertising – Use Social media more instead of PPC Ads

  • Around the holiday season, you’ll see PPC prices skyrocketing—there’s a lot of competition for keywords related to buying holiday items. Rather than increasing your ad spend, make sure you’re truly optimizing the ROI of your existing budget. Facebook Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) are a fantastic way to achieve this objective.
  • Instagram: content on Instagram is another popular option which will drive more engaged traffic than other visual social content from YouTube or Pinterest.
  • If you direct the visitors towards the product page, rather than a category or homepage, the conversion will increase.
  • Nosto (World’s leading eCommerce personalization platform) has seen ROAS (Return on Advertising Spent) of up to 50x, with an average of 12x.

3. Personalization in Email Marketingemail marketing


52% of shoppers indicate they feel overwhelmed by the number of emails in their inbox on a standard month, so you can imagine their feelings around December.

Only a well-curated email that adds value can cut through that noise. So how do you make sure that your email campaign converts? Personalization.

 Nosto has found that personalized emails have an average click-through rate that’s 10x higher than the industry standard.

Try using your customer’s name in the subject line. Then once that email is opened, there’s more work to be done. By using the email to show them previously viewed items, you can deliver the kind of tailored experience that can easily lead to a sale.

4. Segment and deliver offers based on customer needs.

– Understand what your customer needs are by evaluating content, promotions, and shipping before the holidays e.g. reevaluation of content in meta descriptions to be aligned with the holiday / seasonal relevance. Secondly, the link anchor text should be optimized as well. Google Tag Manager can be used to evaluate the content in a more organized way.

  • Segment and personalize campaigns based on past visits, e.g., showing them related products that the customers bought last time OR providing them these products first; E.g. Marketo and Mail Chimp offers an automated system of automation that will help to automate and segment audiences and
  • offer buying guides or FAQs to help minimize any buyer concerns

5) Publish updated and fresh content

You may publish some blog posts that are relevant, updated and fresh. Content is the king in SEO and Digital Marketing. Following factors should be considered in content creation and publishing;

  • Quality of Content – High-quality content which is in-depth in research and matters related to the website helps increase the dwell time (time on site) which is a ranking factor
  • Length of the Content – Google consider an article above 2000+ words to be of in-depth quality. Hence, writing an article above 2000+ words will help you rank higher in the search engine.
  • Images and Videos – Related images, videos, and audios will help us rank higher in the search engine.

Learn about our Search Engine Optimization Services →

6) Enable accessibility first.

  • Offer multiple channels of support such as click-to-chat, email, and social media. And respond them fast. 

marekting tips - accessibility through social media


Response time is very important. You may lose almost all of your leads if you let your customers wait for more than 15 minutes.

  • Staff these support media with consistent messaging and ensure consistent training.
  • If your customer service team is not sized for holiday traffic, consider a chatbot. Be aware that the technology is still maturing, so test if a chatbot is right for your business.
  • Today, digital marketing is all about lowering acquisition costs and getting higher engagement and retention rates.

rention rates


  • By using a tool like ChatFuel, any business can automate the responses to the customer inquiries sent to the FaceBook Page. There is an option of handing over to human, if and when needed.

7) Lower your Cart Abandonment Rate

cart abandonment rate


  • Speed. If a page doesn’t load in less than 1 second, you’re losing business.
  • Inform. Show buyers where they are in the checkout process.
  • Use autofill. Greet returning customers with pre-populated form fields.
  • Design for the screen. Help customers by minimizing data entry and including quick pay options.
  • Decline message. This message is a dead end. Find a better solution to redirect your customer. For example, instead of the showing only the message that your card was declined, provide more useful information;

        secure your checkout


  • Thank you messages. Don’t impede the sale with data requests. Ask buyers to create an account on the ‘thank you’ page

8) Improve your URL Structure

URLs are very important. Make sure product page URLs are optimized. Make sure you do not have more than one URL for your product page by using only a top-level URL. Make that URL as simple as possible.

9) Eliminate Duplicate Content

If you have duplicate content, eliminate it. This means text and images. If you have two different products but the same description or use an image more than once, Google and other search engines assume you are duplicating material, and your ratings will suffer for it.

10) Use Titles and Meta Descriptions Wisely

Use headers and titles strategically. Each product should have a unique header and title with strategic keyword placement. If you have a large online store with thousands of products, it may be difficult to optimize every single product title tag. To work around this problem, create product groups. Regardless of the size of your online store, always use H1, H2, H3 header formats.

Checklist – Magento 2 Technical Changes for better Optimization of your e-commerce store

Given below is a checklist of some more technical aspects of marketing that we can do for you at progos;

1. Redesign -your UI

  • The festive time of Christmas, the first thing that comes in mind is Santa, who are distributing gifts among people. Therefore, during the time of Christmas celebration, you can use the theme and logo of Santa on your online store and attract more customers.
  • Make more visuals your Specific Category: Greater impact and excellent reviews of the product can amplify the sales in an effective manner.

2. Reconsider your database 

 If you are having low response or locking issues then you should consider changes in your database. For example, for improving the performance and speed of the database, one must maintain and clean old Magento Cache and Log records which can greatly improve your Magento Database performance. Most often the size of your Magento database increases because of the large log tables and hence its very good idea that you perform regular maintenance clean up.

3. Revamp your content marketing strategies

To support promotions and season sales, you can consider Content Marketing and SEO services of ProgosTech. We specialize in the creation of content marketing strategies. Our content creation and promotion services can help boost your website’s authority and increase ranks on highly-competitive keywords in search engines like Google. We have helped many e-commerce companies rank at position 1, page 1 of Google on high-volume, high-competition keywords. The clients we ranked in 2016 for these keywords are still there in 2019, hence, they are making a regular stream of income from these keywords. So, if you want the same for your e-commerce shop, then let us know.

4. Revamp your creative assets (Banner ads, promo banners, themed images)

5. Personalized Recommendation of Products 

 By adding a feed of things they’ve already looked at, you can prompt them to make a purchase. Or, you can suggest similar items—things they might not have seen the first time. Nosto data shows that customers who see personalized recommendations convert 65 percent better than someone who sees a generic page.

6. Adding Suggested Items to Checkout Stage  

Suggesting relevant add-on items can often add a few dollars to the order total—do that for every sale, and you’re looking at a very happy holiday. Any parent who has forgotten batteries for that much-anticipated gift will be glad for the reminder.

7. Optimize your store and make is mobile-responsive

As the no. of searches on mobile have crossed the no. of searched on Desktop for Google, so, Google has shifted it’s algorithm to be based on Mobile-First Index, hence, a mobile optimization means win-win situation in rankings on not only SERPs in mobile but also on Desktop.

the rise of mobile phones - marketing tips


8) Utilize new technologies such as marketing automation

Companies can use marketing automation to meet customer demand in real-time, across different channels. For example, We can help you use hyper-personalized content to drive campaign outcomes. The content may be tailored to each sales prospect based on his history of purchase actions, attributes of the customers, touch-points on social media, queries used to search and the content consumption characteristics etc.

Secondly, advanced social media integrations can help as well. For example, B2B marketers may be able to track conversations and social interactions at the account level.

9) Implement PWA – Progressive Web Apps

By implementing the latest software development methodology, Progressive Web Apps (Hybrid of regular Web Pages and Apps), the site and app will be very fast on all networks after the first visit. In order to get more information about how to implement it based on different frameworks, please consult our article “How to increase performance and handle more orders on your Magento 2 shop during the holidays”.

Expert Recommendations for Boosting ROI of Your Business

At the end of the day, what businesses are driving at with all of their efforts is the return on investment, they want to see the results, the data and know their efforts wouldn’t go down the drain and there is profitability. For you to know where your business is and what you need to do, you need to look at the analytics to measure data, and you can use Google analytics which is a free tool that lets you measure your advertising ROI. If this is too complex for you, you can get a professional from any Magento Ecommerce Agency to help you with this area.

It is also very important to acquire knowledge in this field so that you can understand data, metrics and how to measure them to know where your business traffic is. There are several expert recommendations for boosting ROI of your business to enable you to understand the insight of using this process and in this article, we will give you 5 of these expert recommendations.

Focus on engagement metrics

It is good to have followership statistics and know the number of impressions you have, but that does not equate to conversion, you need to focus on engagement metrics that equate to ROI. Engagement metrics give you the statistics of what is doing well and not which will help you focus on the real opportunities that lead to business growth.

Content Marketing

Update your contents, this stimulates the interest of your target audience and also make them shareable to gain new followers, more engagement, and more conversion. Also, identify the content you will need to schedule an update later by measuring those that do the hard work based on the awareness and conversion it brings. You can also revise a good content to schedule and post later by just picking the catchy phrase and adding new contents to post.

Use visuals

After building up your content, ensure it has at least one relevant and quality image to spread your content to a wider audience. Images receive 94 percent more views and are 40-times more likely to be shared according to statistics which means you gain audiences and a higher rate of conversion.

Make your website mobile-friendly

Mobile is what the World uses now, and most of the engagement and queries in businesses are received from mobile gadgets making it a great deal to ensure your website, blogs, services, videos, and images are mobile friendly. When your business is easy to access, you get more people porting to your brand. If you can’t keep up, let an SEO company do the job for you.

Create a well-defined marketing strategy

If your business does not have a marketing strategy, it might lose its balance because there are so many things that need to be done but when there is a strategy, you know what comes first to make the maximum possible ROI, you know your target audiences needs and how to focus on that without drifting away from your goal and the marketing budget.


5 Appealing Reasons to Hire an SEO Agency for your Business

Search engine optimization is very crucial for a brand; it does not only create awareness but can bring in customers and generate profit. It is not new that this is the digital era and most people do their researches online, according to Google, more than half of users doing online searches will visit the first site their search engine brings out and majority do not go beyond the first page so it is important to make your website SEO friendly and keyword attractive to rank on the first page.

In order to get your brand to the top, it is better to get a professional from an SEO Agency to help you put your website on the top page of search engines. Some people prefer to do things on their own but this task is time-consuming and can be very challenging which might hinder you from getting work done and to this, we will be emphasizing 5 appealing reasons you need to hire an SEO Agency for your business.

SEO agencies know what they are doing

The mistake some people make is thinking they can do this on own because it is online, they think it will be easy but this is the opposite, it takes time and dedication and if you are not in line with the latest trends in marketing, you might miss the very essence of optimization. By outsourcing SEO to an ecommerce development company, you get to work on other sectors of the business plus the professionals know what they are doing so you don’t have to get worried about the job.

More traffic to your website can bring in new clients

No matter how good your business is if you do not have an online presence you cannot attract so many people in this era because people like to do a minimal research before getting a product or service from a brand and if you don’t have, your competitor might just get the new client. SEO agencies come with the techniques and skills you will need to increase traffic to your website bearing in mind what you want to achieve and who your target audiences are so they will work in building an online strategy for your business.

Overtake the Competition

The very essence of online presence is to create awareness and overtake the competition. When your website stands out from others and your SEO presence is top notch, you attract the people and get the attention you desire. Stand out from the crowd, invest in a good SEO agency with an in-depth knowledge of how to do the job and make your brand’s presence known.

Mobile friendly

Mobile-friendly services are what is trending now, people use their mobiles to search queries and according to Google, 50% of search queries globally now come from mobile devices and about 60% of consumer traffic comes from mobile phones too meaning mobile is the way forward. If you are not an SEO expert or a data scientist, you might not know these statistics and the trends making this a compelling reason to hire an SEO agency for your business. Do not get behind trying to learn all these when you can do something else, it is lovely to know but it is better to get it handled which is cost effective and allows you focus on other aspects of your business.


Algorithm changes

People are not the only ones that are interested in mobile-friendly websites, Google is also one of those interested and this helps Google to optimize search relating to that. Google is constantly updating their algorithm to improve their search results to give their consumers the best result possible and a better user experience. With that said, it is best to get in touch with an SEO expert that understands algorithm so your business will be able to adapt to these changes and dominate searches.

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