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Top 10 Traffic Driven Social Media Platform that Can Bolster SEO

Establishing a following on social media platforms and engagement goes hand in hand with Search Engine Optimization. If you do not have contents or engagement or followership, it will be impossible for search engines to collect data and put on their search results when consumers request for information. Every business is supposed to have a “Contact us” address and phone number including a social media page which will make it easier for people to view the authenticity of the business and engage with you and because of this, there is a law that is about to be set relating to businesses that don’t have a contact us channel since people demand to know where they want to purchase from.

Some businesses don’t think it is mandatory but it is about to be, and if you cannot keep up, you can get an ecommerce web development company to handle that. In this article, we will shed light on the top 10 traffic driven social media platforms that can support SEO.


The World is moving towards visuals; they say a picture is worth a 1,000 words, but a video is worth 1.8 million words because, in just a short amount of time, a lot of information can be passed. SEO has teamed up with video content to make it more searchable, and that is why a YouTube video shows up first in a search engine result before the texts. According to YouTube data statistics, we watch over 4 billion YouTube videos a day making this platform one of the best to raise your brand’s awareness.


Everybody is on Facebook; this social media engagement platform has more than 1.71 billion people from around the world use it monthly according to statistics which makes it a “Must have” social media page for your brand and an SEO bolster for your business. This platform has so many segments to make it very engaging for individuals and for businesses making it another great platform to earn good business leads.


Twitter is another great social media platform that supports SEO, and there is a lot of engagement. With over 313 million daily users, it is easy for you to engage with customers and join a trend to get people to view your page. It is also a great way to get engaged with people, and it is a mini search engine as people search for information on the site. Ensure you use the correct hashtag when you tweet so that people can view your content when they search and also use keywords that will draw people to your site.


This is another visual social media platform that is great and can increase your site’s traffic. With more than 80 million photos and videos shared each day, there is a lot to look at but if you make beautiful and engaging ones, the rate at which people may find your image or video will be higher.  Ensure your visual tells a story, the photo quality is high, the layout is well-designed, the caption is catchy, and the hashtags are on point and watch how people will be on that visual and your page in a day or two.


There are over 1 million brand pages and 175 million active users on the platform; this is a platform where images are posted, creative ideas in images which are called pins. If you want to share pictures of your product, then this is the platform for you, and as a visual platform, it is quite easy for search engines to select your pin in their result.


LinkedIn is a business-minded platform, but this is the best way to sell your services by giving them an irresistible read backed up with visuals. With more than 380 million users worldwide, LinkedIn can be used to search for clients and customers and mostly drive traffic to your business.


If you are looking for search engine optimization, it is best to be on this site and be active because it is owned by Google so there will be a greater chance your site will be searched in this platform. This platform is not so popular, but it creates brand awareness for your business.


Flickr was acquired by Yahoo in 2005, it may not be popular but it is a great platform to post your videos and images. With approximately one million photographs shared daily and more than 112 million users, your content will definitely get traffic if done right.


This is a site where you can ask a question and experts in the field or people with knowledge in that field will respond to you. A quora link is always available on most search results, and people tend to look at your business when you respond to people on the platform.


This was very popular before Facebook came around but it is still active, and there are still people using it that will like to purchase your products and services. It also drives traffic to your site and is SEO-friendly.

Expert Recommendations for Boosting ROI of Your Business

At the end of the day, what businesses are driving at with all of their efforts is the return on investment, they want to see the results, the data and know their efforts wouldn’t go down the drain and there is profitability. For you to know where your business is and what you need to do, you need to look at the analytics to measure data, and you can use Google analytics which is a free tool that lets you measure your advertising ROI. If this is too complex for you, you can get a professional from any Magento Ecommerce Agency to help you with this area.

It is also very important to acquire knowledge in this field so that you can understand data, metrics and how to measure them to know where your business traffic is. There are several expert recommendations for boosting ROI of your business to enable you to understand the insight of using this process and in this article, we will give you 5 of these expert recommendations.

Focus on engagement metrics

It is good to have followership statistics and know the number of impressions you have, but that does not equate to conversion, you need to focus on engagement metrics that equate to ROI. Engagement metrics give you the statistics of what is doing well and not which will help you focus on the real opportunities that lead to business growth.

Content Marketing

Update your contents, this stimulates the interest of your target audience and also make them shareable to gain new followers, more engagement, and more conversion. Also, identify the content you will need to schedule an update later by measuring those that do the hard work based on the awareness and conversion it brings. You can also revise a good content to schedule and post later by just picking the catchy phrase and adding new contents to post.

Use visuals

After building up your content, ensure it has at least one relevant and quality image to spread your content to a wider audience. Images receive 94 percent more views and are 40-times more likely to be shared according to statistics which means you gain audiences and a higher rate of conversion.

Make your website mobile-friendly

Mobile is what the World uses now, and most of the engagement and queries in businesses are received from mobile gadgets making it a great deal to ensure your website, blogs, services, videos, and images are mobile friendly. When your business is easy to access, you get more people porting to your brand. If you can’t keep up, let an SEO company do the job for you.

Create a well-defined marketing strategy

If your business does not have a marketing strategy, it might lose its balance because there are so many things that need to be done but when there is a strategy, you know what comes first to make the maximum possible ROI, you know your target audiences needs and how to focus on that without drifting away from your goal and the marketing budget.


5 Appealing Reasons to Hire an SEO Agency for your Business

Search engine optimization is very crucial for a brand; it does not only create awareness but can bring in customers and generate profit. It is not new that this is the digital era and most people do their researches online, according to Google, more than half of users doing online searches will visit the first site their search engine brings out and majority do not go beyond the first page so it is important to make your website SEO friendly and keyword attractive to rank on the first page.

In order to get your brand to the top, it is better to get a professional from an SEO Agency to help you put your website on the top page of search engines. Some people prefer to do things on their own but this task is time-consuming and can be very challenging which might hinder you from getting work done and to this, we will be emphasizing 5 appealing reasons you need to hire an SEO Agency for your business.

SEO agencies know what they are doing

The mistake some people make is thinking they can do this on own because it is online, they think it will be easy but this is the opposite, it takes time and dedication and if you are not in line with the latest trends in marketing, you might miss the very essence of optimization. By outsourcing SEO to an ecommerce development company, you get to work on other sectors of the business plus the professionals know what they are doing so you don’t have to get worried about the job.

More traffic to your website can bring in new clients

No matter how good your business is if you do not have an online presence you cannot attract so many people in this era because people like to do a minimal research before getting a product or service from a brand and if you don’t have, your competitor might just get the new client. SEO agencies come with the techniques and skills you will need to increase traffic to your website bearing in mind what you want to achieve and who your target audiences are so they will work in building an online strategy for your business.

Overtake the Competition

The very essence of online presence is to create awareness and overtake the competition. When your website stands out from others and your SEO presence is top notch, you attract the people and get the attention you desire. Stand out from the crowd, invest in a good SEO agency with an in-depth knowledge of how to do the job and make your brand’s presence known.

Mobile friendly

Mobile-friendly services are what is trending now, people use their mobiles to search queries and according to Google, 50% of search queries globally now come from mobile devices and about 60% of consumer traffic comes from mobile phones too meaning mobile is the way forward. If you are not an SEO expert or a data scientist, you might not know these statistics and the trends making this a compelling reason to hire an SEO agency for your business. Do not get behind trying to learn all these when you can do something else, it is lovely to know but it is better to get it handled which is cost effective and allows you focus on other aspects of your business.


Algorithm changes

People are not the only ones that are interested in mobile-friendly websites, Google is also one of those interested and this helps Google to optimize search relating to that. Google is constantly updating their algorithm to improve their search results to give their consumers the best result possible and a better user experience. With that said, it is best to get in touch with an SEO expert that understands algorithm so your business will be able to adapt to these changes and dominate searches.

How To Run WordPress As Successful Booking & Appointment Reservation Site?

WordPress is a phenomenal platform for one to sell products and services, run a website for ones’ business, or publish content for the readers. But the thing is, if you schedule and manage appointments for your business, you know how painful it can be, especially when personnel have limited or irregular availability but on WordPress, one can run a business where booking, appointment, and reservations are the essential key but for that you will need to use more than what already comes with the WordPress core. While it is necessary to keep your website secure, to achieve SEO, and keep your loading time less than one second; making sure your core functionality stands out is what you need to make all the difference when it comes to the success of your brand presence online.

Advertising agencies in Dubai claim that for a successful booking and appointment reservation site, adding booking functionality to your WordPress site will do by making things easy for your visitors and help convert them into new customers.

Do you want to allow your customers to book an appointment directly from your WordPress site? You may want to customize your appointment booking form to meet your business requirements.  This is where WordPress booking plug-in comes in. Many businesses, marketers, developers and also every website development company need an appointment booking form which allows customers to easily book an appointment with just a click. However, there are few common things that you should look for in your WordPress booking form plugin. In this article, we will tell you the best WordPress reservations and booking plug-ins and also their features.

Aims to do it all

WordPress has many comprehensive plugins. WordPress booking plugin that does it all, from booking, reservations, to appointments and even event reservations.  It allows you to add a professional online booking management system into your WordPress site.

Multiple Appointment calendars

With multiple calendars, people can choose the specific type of appointment they want to book. Each calendar has its own event duration, notification emails, description, appointment form, etc. They have made this possible by creating a separate category within this tool for “projects”. It is here that you can create different calendars for your business’s unique scheduling needs.

Payment support

Plugins like Booki, Acuity scheduling, appointments+ and almost every other plugin has this feature, the ability for any booking system to accept payments. With WordPress, this means integrating with a cart system. Your visitors can book appointments from your website and pay for it using their PayPal account or credit cards. After integrating with a cart system, customers can pay for appointments without ever having to contact your team.


Booki and many more plugins like booking calendar, WPforms, Acuity Scheduling syncs the site’s calendar with your every other calendar if you allow it to such as Google Calendar, iCal, Android, Outlook, etc. not only that, it even has a customizable email notification and reminder system to keep you, and your clients informed about your future reservations, bookings, and appointments.

Set appointment length

Another important feature which is only available in a handful of plugins is of a good online appointment booking system, is the ability to specify appointment lengths so everyone knows exactly how long the meeting will be. With CM Bookings and Bookly Booking plugin; you can specify the length of appointments for the calendars.


If you are a professional with a busy schedule, it is helpful to specify your available days and hours of the week. In this case, it is essential to specify your schedule in the calendar which is visible to the visitors on your website as well. This feature is in many plugins e.g. CM Appointments Bookings Plugin, booking calendar where not only the admin can define time availability, they can also specify which days are off.

Mobile booking

Google has made it essential for all websites to be mobile-friendly still the importance of having a mobile-friendly booking calendar on your WordPress cannot be understated. Since people use their phones to schedule meetings or appointments. So, your WordPress site must be able to keep up. Almost every plugin has a mobile-friendly feature.

WordPress has saved the day by online appointment booking systems. If you are in it to win it and you play your cards right then it significantly reduces the tedious back and forth of setting and confirming appointments. With a booking calendar, clients or co-workers can schedule appointments and meetings on the spot with just a single click, right on your WordPress website. Viewing booked appointments in a calendar can also help businesses stay organized. It is a self-service system that can make life a whole lot easier.



How Can You Boost Your Digital Marketing Skills With “Digital Signage”?

Digital marketing is an instrumental tool that the marketers, brands, and businesses utilize to create brand awareness and enhance their return on investment (ROI). While the digital marketing skills majorly apply to the online platform like the internet and social media networks, it also works well through display advertising and on other digital mediums. Presently, the marketers have done their best to exploit the online platform to its advantage, there is still potential to make use of other digital mediums. This is where the digital signage comes in action! By working on the digital signage technique, not only the marketers get to boost their marketing skills, it also gives them the chance to get one step ahead of their competitors.

The digital signage offers a dynamic experience and ensures customer attraction when placed in the public spaces, shopping malls, markets, tall buildings, at a website design company, restaurants, and cafes, in hotels, and transportation systems. The big idea behind the investment in this mode of digital marketing is to reach the people that visit these places. In an interview, Derek Gaskins, the chief customer officer at Ruttlers, which is a convenience store chain in Pennsylvania, portrayed the underlying technique of digital signage in these words, “We went with digital signage for the flexibility and ease of conveying important information to our viewers. We like that we can share details on promotions, products, and services. Using digital signage also allows us to quickly make changes, and create more dynamic images and video to convey our story.”

This suggests that this technique requires a lot of digital marketing skills, right?

Here is how you can boost your skills by using signage method of promotion:

Cost-effectiveness and lower perceived wait time

The marketers try different marketing tricks to keep the interest of the customers intact and to convert them into leads. By practicing digital signage promotion, it is deduced that the marketers learn to use techniques that help save money, is cost-effective and reduces the perceived wait time. The marketing companies in Dubai which showcase the digital signage displays to attract their customers get to view the content on the display. These displays reach a large number of viewers, unlike TVs and radio audiences. Also, the cost of per impression is lower than the routine marketing styles.

Imparts improved customer experience

The skills to pick up from the signage technique include the way through which it enhances the customer experience. A study shows that the digital signage has a 52% recall rate with the customers. This means that the ads and news showed through these screen effect the minds of the customers and compel them to consider the brand product thus, increasing the sales of that product.

Moreover, the customers get all the latest information and news of the updates and promotional deals of the brands. In a glimpse, the viewer knows what’s new and decided whether he wants to check it or not.

Better designing

Using the digital signage helps the marketing department to focus more on the designing of the screens. The slideshows, presentation and the visual content must be attractive. From better color selection to font style, white spaces, templates, and every other thing must be spot on! The FedEx Office carried out a survey to find out the attraction power of signage and showed that around 7/10 or 68% of the American consumers made a purchase of the product just because they caught sight of the display. Thus, the attractive the display screen, the more visually effective it will be.

Focus on influencer marketing and referrals

The digital display screens can show the referrals of the customers as well as words of the influencers thus supporting and promoting influencer marketing. The marketers now need to focus on ways to improvise influencer marketing in order to make it visually appealing for the digital signage. This cycle ensures that the marketers improvise their skills and stay up to date on the trends to achieve success via this trend.

Creative content generation

John Moezzi, national account manager, restaurant and retail vertical sales, NEC Display Solutions, says, “Promotional messaging via digital signage has also been known to drive sales as content is more engaging than traditional static signage through the use of video and animation while also providing an opportunity for many more messages to be delivered in a clutter-free environment.”

Bang on! This is another domain where the digital marketers can boost their skills if they invest good time and effort in the electronic displays used to promote brand sales. From interactive content to live videos, quick infographics, and impressive call-to-actions; everything needs to be stepped up a notch to produce better results.

Brand building and awareness

Here comes the big advantage of using all kinds of digital marketing techniques! It helps the business brand create brand awareness and build the identity of the brand. Wondering how it helps you build the brand? Other than the regular purposes for which we also use online advertisement and marketing, digital signage can help you retain your customers or increase your sales. Say that you are a dentist; you can put on the digital board in your clinic and play a video on how to keep your teeth clean. Also, you can add how necessary is it to get them checked along with a strong CTA. Then see how it produces results. The same benefit can be achieved by corporate buildings, banks, universities and so on.

Social media integration

Social media marketing is a part of the online customer hunt and so combining it with digital screens helps you achieve similar benefits. A good digital marketer will be open to such ideas exploring his options of how to integrate social media to enhance the customer experience and brand’s sales. This brainstorming process helps to look for more skills and tricks to achieve the goal. Keeping in mind factors like the viewers age, profession, level of tech-savvy and why would they need the product; a marketer with creative excellence can turn the way around for the business brand.

Learn the innovative campaign styles

When you aim to test a new technique, you try to add new innovative campaign styles to it. There are multiple examples of businesses that have used digital signage in a wildly successful way for their brands. For instance, the Opticians Council of Canada promoted the call to regular optician visits by placing the digital screens at malls and shopping plazas.

The viewers were asked to step in front of the screen and their silhouette would appear. This way they could also interact with other characters and have fun. The initiative was that those who participated in the act were given gift boxes containing eye drops, lens cleaning kits, frames etc and a certificate of participation as well. This helped in creating awareness and gave the audience a motive and idea to get their eyes tested.

Thus, finding breakthrough ideas for the digital screen became a source to enhance the skills of the marketers.

Coming to an end:

According to a Research and Markets reports, an annual growth rate of 24.38% is predicted in the display technology market from 2017 to 2021. This shows the increasing trend and importance of digital signage in the world of digital marketing and that the marketers will get to polish their skills even furthermore.

7 Web Designing Mistakes You Must Avoid In 2018

Maintaining and operating your own website can be a hectic task. It is time consuming, requires investment and effort, but even after all of this mediocre results leads to disappointments. Visitors who may surf your website perhaps leave without taking any action.In a situation like this, most of us would draw their attention towards their content, marketing strategy, or SEO. However, one just might not look to the other side of the coin that is crucial but is often left due to negligence is your site’s web design.

Minor designing effects can lead to huge impact on your efforts. In today’s article we will lead you through 7 web designing mistakes you must avoid in 2018 and also guide you how can you avoid them.

Too Much Clutter And Inconsistent Web Design

“It’s the little things that make a big difference”. While creating a web design on must not deviate from the main purpose of the website that is to provide guidance, focus, and a content hierarchy.Dozens of things lying haphazardly, here and there, to draw viewer’s attention leaves an exact opposite image of what you are trying to achieve. Users prefer usability over the fancy web design.  Therefore, when visitors don’t know what to click on or look at, your web design has effectively failed and you have lost a visitor to the competition.

Instead of thinking what should be included in your website, try focusing on what to eliminate. Look at your goals and compare what meets the criteria and then include appropriately. Keep it simple.

Consistency is the key to success. Abrupt changes in color scheme, layout, or sidebar positions should be avoided. Consistency is very vital for effective brand management in your website.Leave white spaces around the design element. Your web design should be allowed to breathe. There should be lots of space left and the content should not be clustered, it should be divided.

A Slow-Loading Website

Web design is not just how the website looks or how fancy it must appear, it is about the interaction between a visitor and the website. For instance, loading speed; larger images and different type customized fonts may cause a lag in the loading speed of the website making it slower. This will have an impact on your visitor bounce rate and will influence your website’s search rankings. Having a separate budget to speed up your website is a good idea.

Learn about our web development services. Click here.

Ignoring SEO Rules.

SEO helps your website appear on the search engine so that it is accessible to a large number of audiences. SEO optimization will make sure your website appears on the top search results and therefore gains higher traffic. Nobody likes to dig up information hidden on the 12th page of Google search.

You can also use long keyword sentences. These will lead the user search towards your website. Longer phrase keywords tend to gain SEO ranking easily as compared to short words. These are also more specific and will also target those specific populations that tend to wander elsewhere. For example:- instead of “branding agency Dubai” or “brand management”  you can try “how much does brand agency charge for brand management in Dubai” .

No Mobile site experience.

Most people are using their smartphone browsers for internet surfing compared to desktop use. According to a data from Google Mobile Playbook, 40% of users have gone to competitor’s website after a poor mobile experience, while 57% of users say they will not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. 67% of the users say they are more likely to buy a product from a mobile friendly site. Mobile sites are reportedly to attract 50% more traffic compared to those website that are traditionally designed for desktop experience. 21% of the business are converting to a mobile friendly site.

It is 2018 and the days are long gone where people used would have to go long way in search of a desktop computer for minor searches. Therefore your design should be responsive on all devices if you want your business to flourish.

    Call to action

What opinion would you form of a website where you go and find yourself with a trouble of understanding what, where and how?

To save yourself from the chaos, you would simply choose to close your browser instead. This is where call to action plays a key role by letting its visitors know what there next step is. Often the call to action is hidden too far down the page or too unremarkable to notice. Call to action should be prominent and needs to be clearly visible and also specific. Examples of strong call to action include:

  • Add to Cart
  • Get Started
  • Contact Us Today
  • Sign Up Now


Bad Site Navigation

In a restaurant also it is the menu that guides the diners to the desired food they want. Similarly your site navigation menu is very important guide for your visitor.  Website navigation affects search engine rankings and traffic to your website.

  • Avoid navigation in non-standard location
  • Drop down menu = bad usability / bad SEO
  • Limit your website navigation to 5 items and avoid too many navigation items
  • Always links, void buttons (buttons are not SEO friendly)


Missing Sharing Options

I cannot emphasize on anything more enough than the fact on how important social media has become in the era of 2018. Social media are alternative search engine these days. Sharing obviously is an essential option in your site.


Add sharing options in important locations.Be sure to add buttons and calls to action to all important places (such as at the end of your posts) and make them prominent and easily reachable.




7 Indispensable Skills To Develop A Responsive And Enticing Website

Web designing is an ability that of the people who think they can save the world just by a poster. And they are right. Because this is their way of thinking and their perception.  Designing if done properly can win hearts and how can it be beneficial to you when you’re doing business. Designing is an art and business is something totally different but when they’re connected in a certain way it can do wonders. Website designing is the most necessary way of developing your website and it is also the reason behind the rating and success of a website. It’s not so difficult if it is done in a smart way. There are certain techniques and simple skills, recommended by Magento Ecommerce Agencies, if you learn these techniques the success is yours. Following are given some tips that you must follow in order to make an enticing website.

Being consistent is the condition

The most important thing that one should keep in mind is you should never lose heart or be lazy in your work. Design is something that is always evolving and trends keep on changing so you should always be open to learning. There will be times when the customer will not like your designs and won’t be satisfied but that doesn’t mean you’ll lose heart and stop trying “try try again” and nobody can stop you to become successful. Keep on evolving your website with latest designs and trends constantly and you will see the difference yourself.

Learn some business skills

It is very necessary for a designer to learn business skills and there are a number of reasons for it. The most important reason is that if a designer knows business skills he can more likely satisfy his client whose website the designer is designing and can make the design more according to the requirements of the respective business. In addition to it if a designer knows business skill he can run a free lancing business at any point of his life without any problem because if a person has basic business skills and knows designing as well it can make the best combination ever.

Listen, listen and listen

For a good website design a good designer is needed and a wonderful quality of a good designer is that he always listens. He listens to the demands and requirements of his client, his ears are always open for criticism and he always listens to the advices. If a designers fails to listen the requirements of the client or refuses to listen to him it is a huge failure of the designer as well as the website he designed. Therefore, in order to keep the customer happy and make a responsive website a designer should always be ready to listen and should never shy away from this role.

You should have the knowledge of the designing process

In order to develop a successful website a designer should have the knowledge of everything that is a part of forming of a master piece design. A designer should be well aware of the required and suitable color scheme and should know how to balance all the components that are visible on the website. He should know how to put proper spacing in a website design so it doesn’t looks too empty or too filled.

Aim big

In website designing your only aim should be reaching the heights of your profession. Keep working on it with great zeal and zest and never lose heart. Your only aim should be reaching at the top only then you can become perfect in designing a flawless website but on the other hand if you don’t yearn for perfection or success you’ll start leaving loop holes in your design. This should not happen. It will be dangerous for your website as well as you as a designer.

Try to learn copywriting skills as well

Sometimes a good website design requires a good copy as well. It demands you to be something more than just a good designer. Because a website designer is more likely expected to be an all-rounder who can do anything that a good, responsive and successful website requires. Therefore you should opt for learning good writing skills as well because this is the demand of your career and it can give you priority over other designers as well. A person who knows multiple skills can design a more mesmerizing website and is more likely to be in demand as well.

Learn the basics of HTML

Many designers think that it’s okay not to know that how to code but as mentioned above a designer who wants to be a successful website designer should be an all-rounder and in addition to know business and copywriting skills he should know coding as well or at least he should know the basis of HTML because HTML is the very basic frame work of a website design and id a designer doesn’t even know this he’ll fail to establish a successful website design for himself or for his customer.

These were some of the basic indispensable skills that a website designer should learn in order to develop a Responsive and enticing website and becoming successful in his career of website designing. I wish all the readers a very good luck for their future. Happy designing!

Why Tag Management is Dispensable in 2017/2018

With new year, comes new resolution, methodology, inventions and innovations. As the technology getting new advancements, it is equally important for us to bring new perspective to old technology.

The art of mastering any digital engagement program that needs to scale involves the crucial aspect of tag management which every firm must emphasis.

What is tag management? In simple words, tags are snippets of javascript codes that are provided by 3rd party softwares like Google Analytics that improve your ability to reach and provide service to your customers, add a new piece of javascript i.e. a tag to your site. This concept came to existence after increasing demand agile marketing measurements and tracking ability.

Tag Manager

Every new 3rd party tool that you bring means adding a new piece of JavaScript, which means that you have to turn to IT so that they can prioritize the needs for your tagging. And if there is any change or troubleshooting, you would have to turn to IT and wait for their response which hours, days or even weeks of data. Here a website development company needs a tag manager.

Tag managers are those tools that are specifically designed to minimize code deployment on website and in apps, and allow many tags to be managed without the need for edit in the site or the app.

Key Benefits Of Using Tag Management System

With a brief introduction on what is a tag management system and tag manager, it will be a good idea to look at the benefits that make tag management system indispensable in the year 2017 and 2018.

Minimize IT dependence

TMS has two main components, the container and the data layer. Container can be put on every page or screen that allows tag to be run within that container. Tag management solution can then inject any necessary elements against any conditions defined. This results in a very different, streamlined, and efficient conversation that can be developed with your agency, IT depatment or “web guy.”

Data layer, the second component, is a vital part in an aspect such that data, injected in tag, needs to be exposed in a way that it becomes usable. This means need of being nice to IT guy decreases.

Increased Market Agility

Longer the wait, increased agitation, that ultimately leads to less efficacy. TMS enables digital marketers to launch vendor campaigns much more efficiently, helping to optimize the results quicker.

Increase your efficiency

When you’re working with numerous tags for numerous solutions across numerous web properties and numerous platforms, having all of these tags and rules in one single place can provide huge advantage. Instead of having to plan development resources and cycles or looking for random code in every source repository, you can log in, make your changes globally according to your process, log back out and enjoy the rest of your day.


In the absence of TMS, tags become faulty and increase the loading time of a website. This is the major reason why big firms, eg. EDS, Red berries and marketing companies in dubai, have turned to website designing companies to incorporate tag management. A TMS deploys tags only when certain requirements have been met and allows asynchronous tag deployment. This means that your tags can load and fire at the same time the page elements load, without slowing down anything visible to the user.

Increase the accuracy of your data

A TMS allows you to ensure data quality, and be able to trust all the data coming in.

With trustworthy data, you can make smarter business decisions and know you are heading in the right direction.

Sturdy and Stable

TMS will support your tag. Tags will not randomly break or randomly stop working as TMS removes the clutters and provides strong infrastructures for your tags.


This is one of the major aspects to look for and essential to understand the short and long term impact that tag management can have. Many of the tools come at a price, but even with the free options, you will need to invest in the solution design, removal of what could be years’ worth of remnant code, and implementation of the TMS. Once it is running, the rest is management cost. Even though it costs more to use a TMS rather than tag manually, the productivity trade off makes it well worth the money. less hours are spent manually sorting through tags, and are instead used in more productive, profitable situations. Many marketing companies in USA are now considering TMS as it increases productivity and cost is considerable.

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