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Why Is Magento The Best Choice For Your E-Commerce Website Development?

Usually considered an ecommerce giant, Magento ecommerce website development is widely considered the best choice of eccomerce website development whether you’re growing firm or an established or known brand its features are suited to meet the demands of everyone into ecommerce. Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP. The software was originally developed by Varien, Inc, a US private company headquartered in Culver City, California, with assistance from volunteers. It is actually of no surprise that it is considered as one of the best platforms for ecommerce website development. Below are some of the reasons:

Fast Loading Web Pages

A website that doesn’t load within three to five seconds is considered “slow” and when it comes to page load speed, Magento is a clear winner!

Slow loading online stores go down very quickly. In many cases, the loss from slow pages is permanent and greatly contributes to the demise of the business. Magento with high-end caching technologies such as the Cloudways Full Page Cache and other database optimization techniques such as Memcached and Redis speed up the stores considerably.

Open Source

You can call Magento the android of ecommerce development because they both have the common feature of open source. Despite the sophistication, other Operating Systems for phones that fact that android is an open source makes it the most preferable OS and Magento is no different. Magento is a free ecommerce platform released under Open Source License ver 3.0 and built using PHP and other open source tools. By using these technologies and remaining open source means that Magento as a platform has several distinct advantages over the competition. The Platform is highly adaptable and could be modified endlessly to exactly fit project requirements.

Using open source tools also means that the platform guarantees a robust performance and enhanced security for merchants and developers.

Unlimited Possible Designs

Just like the Android OS, Magento development also offers a wide range of possible web page designs. The share of mobile devices in global ecommerce transactions is rapidly growing, and soon it will surpass all other device classes. Realizing this, Magento incorporates HTML5 capabilities, ensuring that the storefront has a responsive design that caters flawlessly to mobile devices. In addition, Magento offers features such as Griding, image scaling, AV capabilities, gesture controls, drag-and-drop, etc. Magento is also a highly customizable ecommerce platform. It allows you to develop incredible frontend user experiences by editing layouts and templates or add new colors and styles of your choice. Backend refinements can also be redesigned to fulfill business requirements by rewriting code, modifying events and grids.


Magento is designed to meet the needs of everyone interested in ecommerce development. Whether you’re just starting or already established, Magento will give you that extra edge without boring a hole in your pocket in a bid to keep your business above the water. Magento offers limitless and restriction free integration of all third party components, thereby shortening the development and deployment timeframes considerably. The good thing is that many of these components are free to use. Others are available for just a couple of dollars.

Content Marketing Tips And Tricks To Grow Your Business

Marketing in its traditional state was about creating awareness about your business, goods or services with the aim of convincing people to buy your product. This could be in forms of advertising, discounted sales, promotional offers to mention a few. This approach was okay as it brought a great return on investment. At a point, however, people began to observe that the marketers were not saying the complete truth. Instead, they would only tell you what you want to hear. If you want to buy a phone with a good memory (RAM) and substantial internal storage (ROM) and a long battery life (say 4000 mAh) for example, the marketer will show you a phone that fits most of your requirements but make it look like it meets all your requirements. He would do this by the hammering of the unique selling point of that product while downplaying its weakness. Using the same example as above, imagine that the phone has only eight GB internal storage (ROM). The marketer will hit the hammer on the fact that the phone has a 5000mAh battery that will last for over 27 hours of talk time. He will also convince you that you can augment for the limited storage capacity with a micro SD card.

To sum it up, marketing was seen as a desperate means to sell one’s product until content marketing was born. Content marketing is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material such as videos, blogs, articles and social media posts. It differs from other types of marketing, such as direct response, influencer marketing, brand marketing, etc. In that, it doesn’t explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in a product or service by creating helpful, informative content designed to highlight your expertise and solve a problem. Content marketing is more focused on helping the consumer, customer or prospect than selling a product or promoting a brand. I am sure that you are already considering content marketing. This article will equip you with content marketing tips and tricks that can help to grow your business

Create valuable content

If there is one reason why content marketing is called content marketing, it is because it gives content that is of great value. When using content marketing, you have to understand the line your brand belongs to and also how to make life easier for the people you are involved with. This information will give you an idea of the topic to develop your content on. Content marketing is more than just the words contained in the write-up, it is about the value it comes with. High-quality content will serve as the basis for building a reputation for your brand.

Create room for interaction

I strongly believe this should not be part of the tips of content marketing but I will still talk about it for new converts on content marketing. The idea of content marketing is to raise interest, not only to arouse the interest but to nurture it in a way that it becomes a possible lead if not conversion. There is no way if neither a lead nor a conversion will be possible if there is no room for interaction. Using a professional mechanical engineer, for example, you cannot post content on how to replace your headlight without allowing individuals to comment or ask questions. This would make you look unprofessional. Allowing for interaction among the customers themselves and you as a professional will help nurture their interest and make them want to take the necessary call to action.

Don’t rely on one content strategy

Relying on one content marketing strategy is not the safest thing to do as a content marketer. There are myriad ways to revamp up your content marketing strategies i.e using latest CMS developed by magento development companies or any well-known SEO agency. Variety is the spice of life and content marketing should be no different. Do not rely on one source of traffic as you stand to lose a lot from doing so. Your website is necessary, as necessary as your social media platforms. Who says you can’t blend content marketing with social media marketing?

Content marketing is a long-term plan. As such, there should be other means to augment for it while it takes its time to yield results. This does not in anyway discredit content marketing as a reputation builder and future of your brand.

What Is The Big Shift In E-Commerce Market?

The ecommerce industry has seen a lot of growth since its onset and it doesn’t look like stopping anytime soon. What started in the United States some time ago has gradually grown significantly in Asia. The likes of Alibaba is giving Amazon a serious run for its money.  Worldwide retail e-commerce sales reached $2.290 trillion in 2017, some 10.1% of all retail sales, and are set to hit $4.479 trillion by 2021. This is an industry that has helped bridge a lot of gaps, online stores unlike physical stores are open to everyone that can access the internet no matter your geographical location. While many markets are already well developed, there’s still a huge potential audience to be reached and some exciting up-coming trends will help to reach them. Exciting and developing new markets like Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Latin America are set to take off in a big way and new technologies are likely to cause a huge shift in the way companies to market their goods online. Below are some shifts that may likely trend for time to come in ecommerce.

Mobile Inclined Ecommerce

It is no longer news that most individuals access the internet “on the go” and online shopping is no different. Research has shown that people who shop regularly do that using their mobile phone and this will be a significant shift in ecommerce. Mobile will reach 70% of e-commerce traffic by the end of 2018 and more and more people will purchase via their mobile devices. According to Goldman Sachs forecasts, mobile commerce revenue in 2018 will equal the total e-commerce revenue for 2013, some $626 billion. Companies like Google, Samsung and Apple are making it even easier with advancements in mobile payment technology which will make mobile check out the preferred method of payment for many customers. For example, in the U.S., Starbucks already sees 10% of orders via their Mobile Order and Pay app.

Voice Search

This generation of people wants things easy and the use of written language may not really stand the test of time. There’s an app that searches for the title of a song by simply analyzing a line played from the song. All you have to do is open that app when the song is being played and you’ll be given results. Ecommerce is very likely to shift in that direction as individuals will begin to shift towards the use of voice searches as against written words. Mobile phones these days are actually in support of it as most of them have a voice assistant feature that enables the phones to perform certain commands using voice control.

Social Media Marketing

People are also beginning to realize the amount of traffic they can get through the use of social media and ecommerce will also shift in this direction. This is because social media when used as online shops are cheaper, have a lot of traffic and potential buyers and also enables people to have fun while doing business. These social media platforms mostly if not all of them have an application which makes them user-friendly. This has encouraged individuals to subscribe to their services. These social media application now come with business features. Instagram now gives you the feature of creating a business profile, WhatsApp also helps to personalize the account you already have to suit your business by automatically replying your messages so that your customers think you’re always online.

Augmented Reality and Use of Multimedia

Before now, videos were usually used to advertise businesses. They were usually pop-ups that carried information about the product or services. Instructions and manuals are also going from the usually written form to audio-visual form. The use of augmented reality is also gaining acceptance. You can now use your phone to examine how a piece of furniture would look like in your room without having to bring it into your room.

Greater Competition

There will also be a shift in competition as people are now beginning to realize the potential of ecommerce development and there is a significant increase in the number of investors and as such, it should be expected that more online shops will be established. Individuals are also beginning to understand how importing and exporting works. Their eyes are now being opened that you don’t need to be a billionaire to operate an online store, that all you need is the necessary and substantial information.

6 Ways: Magento E-Commerce Development Bolsters Your Online Business

The future of commercial brand is a strong online presence. It is more than just an additional feature; it is now a necessity for brands that want to break the barrier of location. To create a better awareness about your brand to people, you need an online presence. This online presence is usually in form of a website or an application or both. These days, virtually every firm has an official website, or app, PR social media accounts or all of them together.

Though you need an online presence, you also need a commanding one as you are not and will not be the only firm present in the market with the same niche. Magento is the most popular platform within the ecommerce industry because of its frequent updates and new features. A survey has stated that out of 56,000 e-commerce platforms about 26% ecommerce businesses use Magento. This clearly shows that whenever anyone plans to start an ecommerce business, they first consider Magento’s popular platform which is great for their website. If you are still not convinced, below are six ways Magento development bolsters your online business.

It is secure

One challenge that has always plagued the internet is the issue of security as there are some individuals who dedicate their time towards bypassing firewalls. With Magento ecommerce development, Using Magento e-commerce development services, website security is the first thing that comes to your mind. Magento security patches are packages of modified core files that aim to fix specific security issues that are discovered in the platform.

It can be easily personalized

Web design is more creative than analytical. Nothing is more frustrating than being forced to work with a design that you are not comfortable with. Magento provides you with an open source platform that is fully customizable to suit your unique needs.

It has inbuilt analytical tools

Anyone into ecommerce is aware of the fact that data is a significant part of ecommerce and being able to perfectly analyze the data is key to a successful ecommerce presence. With its inbuilt analytical tools, you can analyze every piece of information from sales, to search terms to bounce rates so that you stay on top of the happenings in your ecommerce venture.

SEO friendly and responsive websites

Magento developed websites are usually SEO friendly and are very responsive. Websites designed using Magento ecommerce development take little time to load any page as its content has already been optimized. Individuals are likely to use the back button if the website takes longer than five seconds to load.

Mobile friendly websites

Some ecommerce experts are of the view that business is fast moving from e-commerce to m-commerce. This has been backed with research showing that most web users make use of the internet using their mobile devices. Magento developed websites can be accessed from mobile phone or tablet, etc. It is easily adaptable to all the devices.

Ecommerce friendly

Magento developed ecommerce platforms usually have payment checkout process that ends in the single step. Unlike other platforms, it does not have too long, complicated checkout process. Magento has combined several platforms on one single page. In addition, Magento tracks and follow up the customer via email or via SMS.

Through Magento ecommerce website you can easily boost up the sales. It is important that you understand its features and plugins and make the optimum use of them to get the best results. It helps in improving the conversion rates and drive traffic.

4 Design Trends to Integrate Into Web Development And Digital Marketing

Staying on top means staying in line with trends as change is constant. Things that seem to rule forever become a remembrance.  As a web designer or developer, you just have to be on the lookout for the change in trend and successfully adapt it else you will go out of the business. This is because human beings move with the trend and will not hesitate to dump something whenever they see something new which is more advanced than the existing one. If you doubt me, manufacture a laptop running on the Windows XP operating system and see how many people buy that.

When it comes to trend, web development and design are no different. A theme or template that is branded world class today could easily be termed trash in little or no time. As a web designer or developer, you need to be on your game and flow with the tide so that you don’t go out of business as Magento development companies and SEO agencies do. Below are four design trends to integrate into web development and digital marketing.

Video Backgrounds

This is a bit tricky but it actually does the trick. With this design trend, you have increased assurance of conversions with the only downside being that your website may take longer to load. The power of video literally cannot entirely be stated in words. It conveys your message quickly and effectively, something that it could take paragraphs of text to accomplish. This is done effectively in a matter of seconds. This is especially useful when you have a complex message to explain to your users in the short amount of time where you need to have their attention. They say one picture says a thousand words, I now wonder how many words a video (which comprises of a number of pictures) will say.

Subtle animations

This is similar to having a guide on a tour. They either assure a web user that he is doing the right thing or inform him that he is not getting it right. Have you ever filled a form online then click on the submit button and it changes its color? Or the case where you are asked to put in a password and as you keep on typing the characters a sign turning from red to yellow and then to green is shown? These animations could help increase the rate of conversion than a captcha would.

Asymmetrical layouts

This was termed a sloppy and unorganized website design or layout in the past but was fastly becoming the order of the day. However, asymmetry and broken grids have been gaining more and more popularity, likely due to having found a way to not look like most other website designs, while at the same time not being distracting or sloppy. From what was perceived as a distracting design, asymmetrical layouts have now been proven to capture web users attention due to its unique nature.

Mobile Design

This, in my opinion, is a necessity than a trend. Research has shown that mobile searches have produced more traffic over the last five years. In addition, individuals would rather access the internet from their phones as they are convenient for using mobile phones as compared to computers.

Just like their predecessors, these trends may become obsolete in due time but are the top dogs for now. With them, you are guaranteed to not only have increased traffic but also higher conversion rates.

Top 4 Myths About On Page Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is blocks of content within or across domains that either completely matches other content or are appreciably similar. So essentially, it’s content which appears elsewhere on the web. This could either be on the same website but on different web pages or different websites entirely. In other words, duplicate content is the similarity in the content of duplicated within one website or domain or content that is duplicated between two or more different sites across the web. While there are actually some facts as regards duplication of contents, some myths have been developed and are almost being made to look like the facts. Though these myths are actually determined from facts, they’ve been reshaped and altered such that their meaning no longer gives out the truth. Below are some myths about duplicate on page duplicate content.

There are No Punishments for Duplicate Content

While nobody will come chasing you with a cane or stick for duplicating contents on your website even though it is on different webpages, you’re most likely to lose your spot in the SEO ranking which is a way to deter you from posting exactly the same content across different pages on the same website. The best SEO agencies take proper care of these minute but important factors.

Sharing of Information is a Duplicate Content Offense

This is also not entirely true. Like I stated earlier, most myths about duplicate content actually stem from the truth hence there’s a thin and not too clear line separating the myths from the actual truth. The only time you would be committing the offense of duplicate content while posting shared information is when you refuse to acknowledge the original source of the information shared. Instead, you post or share the information like you’re the primary source. As long as you post or share the information with reference to the original author or reporter then you have nothing to be afraid of.

Reusing your Content Elsewhere is A Duplicate Content Offense, this is also another myth that has kept a number of businesses from growing. You can use your content and reuse it anywhere else that you like as long as you’re the owner of the content and you don’t violate the laws of the website or blog you’re using it. This is a different case as to when you’re lifting a content used elsewhere and reusing that content for your own personal gain without either referencing the original author of the content or using it without his/her knowledge or permission. If it’s the article on your own site, you’d better refrain from doing it, simply for the fear that webpage may outrank yours. Try using the outline of the original content elsewhere instead of copy-pasting the whole article. Another option is to convert your content into a new format. By spicing up your article with a little chipping here and there you’ll less likely raise eyebrows.

It’s Easy to get Penalised for Duplicate Content

This is also another factor that has kept many websites from getting the much-needed traffic. The time you’re likely to get sanctioned for duplicate content is when the duplicate copy is on a brand new domain or is from a high profile page such as the home page, then it looks suspicious. If it’s a press release or a blog post from an established site which is being shared across the web, there’s less likelihood that it’ll raise dust.

Mistakes To Avoid While Designing An Online Store

The e-commerce industry is one that has experienced a significant growth over the years and is still showing a potential of growing even larger in more years to come. This has led to the influx of individual into the industry. One thing people are quick to forget is the fact that “it worked for Mr. A doesn’t mean it’ll work for Mr. B” especially if Mr. B doesn’t know how Mr. A did it and didn’t bother to find out. Despite its features and benefits, ecommerce development platforms face that same challenge that physical shops face which is the challenge of convincing people to part ways with their hard earned money. A lot of people fail to realize this and end up blaming everyone but themselves for the failure of their establishment. Online stores have a great deal of potential to either flourish or flop. It will flourish if you follow the principles guiding it and will flip if you fail to do so. Below are some mistakes to avoid while designing an online store

Advertising through the wrong media or not advertising at all

Just like a physical store, your online stores need publicity id they are to grow. Nobody will know about your business if you just open an online store and do not create awareness about it. It will be as good as just opening a shop and keeping quiet, nobody will visit or patronize you. Another mistake most people make is the medium by which they use in creating publicity. This is one thing you need to take note of. Advertising is one thing, getting the attention of the right people is an entirely different thing  (by the right people I mean people that are likely to convert). There have been cases of increased traffic in a number of websites without an increased CRO. This is most likely because the website is not visited by the right people.

Not Being Unique

When a new hotel opens in town, it tries to do something out of the ordinary. This is because the owners know that if you want to beat your competition then you have to offer what they can’t offer. The use of giveaway is no longer working as most people will only patronize you while the giveaway is available. Try some value added services such as warranty, free or subsidized repairs, subsidized delivery fee, and the likes. These are just a few of the numerous things you can do to make you different.

Not conducting a market survey

This should come first as it is actually the beginning of the failure of your online shop. This is the means by which you’ll know the prices of your would-be competition, their value-added services, their regularly ordered products and many more. This is what will provide you with information on how to get a head start in an industry already bubbling with a competition.

Poorly designed or total absence of a mobile app

Your store shouldn’t be accessible only via your website, you should have an application. This application may not necessarily contain all the features of your website but it should contain enough to serve your customers.  Some individuals just create trash and call it an application because they were told they need a mobile app to support that mobile stores. It is necessary to not just have a mobile app but also have one that’s good enough to serve its purpose.

Optimization of websites

I would’ve skipped this probably because online shops are usually known to have pictures but I won’t. This is because the fact remains that nobody wants to patronize a slow loading website in the name that it has many pictures on it. In as much as it’s important to have pictures on your website, it is more important to optimize those pictures to enable the website load quickly.

Improper use of CTA

Who wants a store whether online or physical where people just walk into the store, view its products and walk out without buying anything? Nobody. That’s why it is important to review your CTA, the words you use for “call to action”, the format with which you use the words and even their color on your website or mobile app. Its necessary to know the words to use that are convincing enough but not too compulsive so as not to scare your prospect away.

How Is SEO Indispensable For Your Business?

With established brands already occupying virtually every industry, it is very natural and sensible to note that a head-on challenge will not help you win. This is where SEO comes in. Research has it that Google owns a very significant amount of the search market. This doesn’t make the other search engines irrelevant to whatever leverage they have no matter how much or how little it is. Many brands and businesses know (or think they know) that they need SEO services for their digital properties, and the benefits they will get from that SEO work is being implemented on their behalf. SEO will certainly improve a website’s overall searchability and visibility, but what other real value does it offer? Why is SEO indispensable for your business?

Search Engines Generate More Traffic

No disrespect for the various websites of top websites, but the truth still remains that majority of the traffic that most websites get is usually generated from search engine results. When people have a difficulty in solving a problem, they usually turn to the internet for the solution. It is necessary to note that most individuals don’t exactly have a website to visit for a solution already. Instead, they turn to search engines for help and check out the options given to them by search engines.

SEO Ranking is a Form of Feedback

A higher SEO ranking means your website encourages a better user experience and a poor one means it needs to be worked on. Google has learned how to interpret a favorable or unfavorable user experience, and a positive user experience has become a pivotal element to a website’s success. Customers know what they want. If they can’t find it, there’s going to be a problem and of course performance will suffer.

A clear example of building a strong user experience is how Google has become more and more of an answer engine offering the sought-after data directly on the SERPs (search engine results pages) for users. The intention of that is offering users the information they are looking for in fewer clicks, quickly and easily. Quality SEO incorporates a positive user experience, leveraging it to work in a brand’s favor.

Your SEO Ranking Will Affect Your Traffic

Just like in game and app stores, and average individual is more likely to download and install a game with a higher rating than one with a lower rating. Same applies to SEO. Your SEO rating will determine the page or number where you will find your website’s link among the search engine results. Research has also shown that individuals are most likely to click on the top five results and will only go to the next page if the first page doesn’t give them what they want.

You Can Use it to Your Benefits

If you are able to gain an understanding of the way SEO works then you’ll be able to appear on the first page. These search engines regularly update their algorithms and having a knowledge of how they work will be of great help to you. If you are able to understand how it works, you can know how to go about making the necessary tweaks on your website so that you’ll be in their “good book”.

SEO strategies aren’t vague neither are they bogus, they’re tactical in nature and when you understand how it works, you can use it to promote your business.

Dos And Dont’s Of Developing A Customer Engaging Mobile App

The essence of any good service is that it actually satisfies the customer. A customer engaging mobile app is an app that is aimed at getting and keeping the attention of your customers so as to be constantly aware of the services you provide them with. With more than four million apps available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store developed by app development companies, it has never been more difficult for content marketers to grab user’s attention. If you run the numbers, almost 91% of mobile users see content as ‘Important,’ and that’s a number you can’t afford to ignore. It may be difficult to come up with the ‘right’ mobile content, but it’s not impossible. The first step is to see mobile app content as a unique entity. You cannot have the same content marketing strategy as you would for a desktop or any other device, and planning a content marketing strategy that exclusively caters to your app’s experience is key to success. Despite the numerous challenges, you can still get the attention of your customers and keep them engaged through your mobile app as long as you do the following:

  • Encourage in-app feedback, this is necessary as it helps the customer feel like their opinion counts and this will endear them to your app.
  • Involve the use of social media, as this will help diversify your app. This will also help you create a community of your users where they can interact.
  • Give users an opportunity to share their stories. This is outside the content of rating the performance of your app. This could be done in form of writing or through the use of video
  • Regularly post content. This is very important and also a very dicey aspect of customer engagement. You should be able to determine the amount of content that will be enough, that will be too small and that will be too much.
  • Identify and work based on your targeted customers as this will help you with a sense of direction as to a number of things. Things such as the kind of content with which to engage your customers, the regularity with which to post the contact and so on.
  • Ensure that the design, layout of an interface of your application is one that is user-friendly. It can’t be called a customer engaging app if your customers need to obtain a degree in software development to be able to make use of it.
  • Follow the trends based on your customer needs. If there are things that can help promote your brand, then trends are one of them. It doesn’t mean that you should follow virtually every trend. You should have your customers in mind when you follow trends and ensure that the trends you follow are the ones that your customers can relate to and benefit from.
  • Intelligently use push notification. These days, people are given information about certain things based on their interest. You shouldn’t “push” every information to every customer. Personalize your app in such a way that different information is given to different people based on their interests.

6 Things Not To Adopt While Writing Meta Titles

A meta description is a summary of up to 155-160 characters in length that describes the content of a web page. Search engines show it in search results when the meta description also includes the keywords being searched. Meta descriptions entice users to click through to a page and are part of effective SEO.

It is fastly becoming a trend to put forth content without necessarily writing meta titles as it is not a necessity for one’s SEO ranking. That is why it is somewhat understandable why marketers just don’t think that spending time on writing a good meta title is still worth the trouble. It is, however, important to note that though they don’t affect your SEO ranking, meta titles have a great deal of influence on your customers as they are what appears under the link of your website. SEO ranking may have the day over which website will come first or even on their first page but metal titles have the day as to who will be clicked as web users have the freedom of choice on the link they choose to click. You can get it all done by any well-reputed SEO agency. Despite its importance, it is of an essence to note that there are some things not to adopt while writing meta titles, six of which are listed below.

Creativity over keywords

When it comes to meta titles a lot of persons tend to choose to be creative. This is is not actually the best of cases as keywords are key. This is because search engines will likely post the links they consider most relevant on their results page. In addition, people are most likely to click on the links that carry what they are looking for. This is not to dispute the fact that creativity is good but to affirm that your meta titles should contain your keywords.

Boring meta titles

Nothing is as irritating as long and annoying meta titles with no stomach of creativity. Too much of everything is bad and a long descriptive meta title is no different. In a bid to win prospects over, web operators sometimes tend to overdo something because it was effective and thought to overdo it will make it even more effective. This is not always the case as this most of the times tend to ruin the beauty of it. It’s not the best to play all your cards in the name of giving a meta title instead give out enough to convince your prospect that you have enough but very little that will make them yearn for more.

Focusing on your products alone

Although people are always after what you have to offer them, they actually stand to benefit from what you have to offer. A lot of web operators make the mistake of only focusing on what they have to offer instead of what their customers will be able to do with it. Next time when you’re writing meta titles, focus more on what people stand to gain rather than just what you’re offering.

Using complex language

People think that the use of very strong vocabulary is a mean of showing professionalism and will encourage people to click on their link. This is actually far from the truth, people are most likely to click on links whose meta titles are written in simple and clear language as against those written with the aid of a dictionary.

The absence of CTA words

This may not necessarily be a decider as to whether or not your website link will be clicked but it will encourage people to do so. The use of a very descriptive meta title and CTA words such as “discover, Read more” etc will likely to encourage people to click on your website link.

Poor content

The best of meta titles are those backed by equally good contents. It is very important to have equally good content to back up your meta titles especially if you’re trying to promote your brand and create a positive image for it. You can incorporate the name of your client and instances of how your products or services have been of help, valued, and assistance so that your content doesn’t seem bogus.

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