Why Is Magento The Best Choice For Your E-Commerce Website Development?

Usually considered an ecommerce giant, Magento ecommerce website development is widely considered the best choice of eccomerce website development whether you’re growing firm or an established or known brand its features are suited to meet the demands of everyone into ecommerce. Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP. The software was originally developed by Varien, Inc, a US private company headquartered in Culver City, California, with assistance from volunteers. It is actually of no surprise that it is considered as one of the best platforms for ecommerce website development. Below are some of the reasons:

Fast Loading Web Pages

A website that doesn’t load within three to five seconds is considered “slow” and when it comes to page load speed, Magento is a clear winner!

Slow loading online stores go down very quickly. In many cases, the loss from slow pages is permanent and greatly contributes to the demise of the business. Magento with high-end caching technologies such as the Cloudways Full Page Cache and other database optimization techniques such as Memcached and Redis speed up the stores considerably.

Open Source

You can call Magento the android of ecommerce development because they both have the common feature of open source. Despite the sophistication, other Operating Systems for phones that fact that android is an open source makes it the most preferable OS and Magento is no different. Magento is a free ecommerce platform released under Open Source License ver 3.0 and built using PHP and other open source tools. By using these technologies and remaining open source means that Magento as a platform has several distinct advantages over the competition. The Platform is highly adaptable and could be modified endlessly to exactly fit project requirements.

Using open source tools also means that the platform guarantees a robust performance and enhanced security for merchants and developers.

Unlimited Possible Designs

Just like the Android OS, Magento development also offers a wide range of possible web page designs. The share of mobile devices in global ecommerce transactions is rapidly growing, and soon it will surpass all other device classes. Realizing this, Magento incorporates HTML5 capabilities, ensuring that the storefront has a responsive design that caters flawlessly to mobile devices. In addition, Magento offers features such as Griding, image scaling, AV capabilities, gesture controls, drag-and-drop, etc. Magento is also a highly customizable ecommerce platform. It allows you to develop incredible frontend user experiences by editing layouts and templates or add new colors and styles of your choice. Backend refinements can also be redesigned to fulfill business requirements by rewriting code, modifying events and grids.


Magento is designed to meet the needs of everyone interested in ecommerce development. Whether you’re just starting or already established, Magento will give you that extra edge without boring a hole in your pocket in a bid to keep your business above the water. Magento offers limitless and restriction free integration of all third party components, thereby shortening the development and deployment timeframes considerably. The good thing is that many of these components are free to use. Others are available for just a couple of dollars.