6 Ways: Magento E-Commerce Development Bolsters Your Online Business

The future of commercial brand is a strong online presence. It is more than just an additional feature; it is now a necessity for brands that want to break the barrier of location. To create a better awareness about your brand to people, you need an online presence. This online presence is usually in form of a website or an application or both. These days, virtually every firm has an official website, or app, PR social media accounts or all of them together.

Though you need an online presence, you also need a commanding one as you are not and will not be the only firm present in the market with the same niche. Magento is the most popular platform within the ecommerce industry because of its frequent updates and new features. A survey has stated that out of 56,000 e-commerce platforms about 26% ecommerce businesses use Magento. This clearly shows that whenever anyone plans to start an ecommerce business, they first consider Magento’s popular platform which is great for their website. If you are still not convinced, below are six ways Magento development bolsters your online business.

It is secure

One challenge that has always plagued the internet is the issue of security as there are some individuals who dedicate their time towards bypassing firewalls. With Magento ecommerce development, Using Magento e-commerce development services, website security is the first thing that comes to your mind. Magento security patches are packages of modified core files that aim to fix specific security issues that are discovered in the platform.

It can be easily personalized

Web design is more creative than analytical. Nothing is more frustrating than being forced to work with a design that you are not comfortable with. Magento provides you with an open source platform that is fully customizable to suit your unique needs.

It has inbuilt analytical tools

Anyone into ecommerce is aware of the fact that data is a significant part of ecommerce and being able to perfectly analyze the data is key to a successful ecommerce presence. With its inbuilt analytical tools, you can analyze every piece of information from sales, to search terms to bounce rates so that you stay on top of the happenings in your ecommerce venture.

SEO friendly and responsive websites

Magento developed websites are usually SEO friendly and are very responsive. Websites designed using Magento ecommerce development take little time to load any page as its content has already been optimized. Individuals are likely to use the back button if the website takes longer than five seconds to load.

Mobile friendly websites

Some ecommerce experts are of the view that business is fast moving from e-commerce to m-commerce. This has been backed with research showing that most web users make use of the internet using their mobile devices. Magento developed websites can be accessed from mobile phone or tablet, etc. It is easily adaptable to all the devices.

Ecommerce friendly

Magento developed ecommerce platforms usually have payment checkout process that ends in the single step. Unlike other platforms, it does not have too long, complicated checkout process. Magento has combined several platforms on one single page. In addition, Magento tracks and follow up the customer via email or via SMS.

Through Magento ecommerce website you can easily boost up the sales. It is important that you understand its features and plugins and make the optimum use of them to get the best results. It helps in improving the conversion rates and drive traffic.