4 Design Trends to Integrate Into Web Development And Digital Marketing

Staying on top means staying in line with trends as change is constant. Things that seem to rule forever become a remembrance.  As a web designer or developer, you just have to be on the lookout for the change in trend and successfully adapt it else you will go out of the business. This is because human beings move with the trend and will not hesitate to dump something whenever they see something new which is more advanced than the existing one. If you doubt me, manufacture a laptop running on the Windows XP operating system and see how many people buy that.

When it comes to trend, web development and design are no different. A theme or template that is branded world class today could easily be termed trash in little or no time. As a web designer or developer, you need to be on your game and flow with the tide so that you don’t go out of business as Magento development companies and SEO agencies do. Below are four design trends to integrate into web development and digital marketing.

Video Backgrounds

This is a bit tricky but it actually does the trick. With this design trend, you have increased assurance of conversions with the only downside being that your website may take longer to load. The power of video literally cannot entirely be stated in words. It conveys your message quickly and effectively, something that it could take paragraphs of text to accomplish. This is done effectively in a matter of seconds. This is especially useful when you have a complex message to explain to your users in the short amount of time where you need to have their attention. They say one picture says a thousand words, I now wonder how many words a video (which comprises of a number of pictures) will say.

Subtle animations

This is similar to having a guide on a tour. They either assure a web user that he is doing the right thing or inform him that he is not getting it right. Have you ever filled a form online then click on the submit button and it changes its color? Or the case where you are asked to put in a password and as you keep on typing the characters a sign turning from red to yellow and then to green is shown? These animations could help increase the rate of conversion than a captcha would.

Asymmetrical layouts

This was termed a sloppy and unorganized website design or layout in the past but was fastly becoming the order of the day. However, asymmetry and broken grids have been gaining more and more popularity, likely due to having found a way to not look like most other website designs, while at the same time not being distracting or sloppy. From what was perceived as a distracting design, asymmetrical layouts have now been proven to capture web users attention due to its unique nature.

Mobile Design

This, in my opinion, is a necessity than a trend. Research has shown that mobile searches have produced more traffic over the last five years. In addition, individuals would rather access the internet from their phones as they are convenient for using mobile phones as compared to computers.

Just like their predecessors, these trends may become obsolete in due time but are the top dogs for now. With them, you are guaranteed to not only have increased traffic but also higher conversion rates.