Dos And Dont’s Of Developing A Customer Engaging Mobile App

The essence of any good service is that it actually satisfies the customer. A customer engaging mobile app is an app that is aimed at getting and keeping the attention of your customers so as to be constantly aware of the services you provide them with. With more than four million apps available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store developed by app development companies, it has never been more difficult for content marketers to grab user’s attention. If you run the numbers, almost 91% of mobile users see content as ‘Important,’ and that’s a number you can’t afford to ignore. It may be difficult to come up with the ‘right’ mobile content, but it’s not impossible. The first step is to see mobile app content as a unique entity. You cannot have the same content marketing strategy as you would for a desktop or any other device, and planning a content marketing strategy that exclusively caters to your app’s experience is key to success. Despite the numerous challenges, you can still get the attention of your customers and keep them engaged through your mobile app as long as you do the following:

  • Encourage in-app feedback, this is necessary as it helps the customer feel like their opinion counts and this will endear them to your app.
  • Involve the use of social media, as this will help diversify your app. This will also help you create a community of your users where they can interact.
  • Give users an opportunity to share their stories. This is outside the content of rating the performance of your app. This could be done in form of writing or through the use of video
  • Regularly post content. This is very important and also a very dicey aspect of customer engagement. You should be able to determine the amount of content that will be enough, that will be too small and that will be too much.
  • Identify and work based on your targeted customers as this will help you with a sense of direction as to a number of things. Things such as the kind of content with which to engage your customers, the regularity with which to post the contact and so on.
  • Ensure that the design, layout of an interface of your application is one that is user-friendly. It can’t be called a customer engaging app if your customers need to obtain a degree in software development to be able to make use of it.
  • Follow the trends based on your customer needs. If there are things that can help promote your brand, then trends are one of them. It doesn’t mean that you should follow virtually every trend. You should have your customers in mind when you follow trends and ensure that the trends you follow are the ones that your customers can relate to and benefit from.
  • Intelligently use push notification. These days, people are given information about certain things based on their interest. You shouldn’t “push” every information to every customer. Personalize your app in such a way that different information is given to different people based on their interests.