How Can You Boost Your Digital Marketing Skills With “Digital Signage”?

Digital marketing is an instrumental tool that the marketers, brands, and businesses utilize to create brand awareness and enhance their return on investment (ROI). While the digital marketing skills majorly apply to the online platform like the internet and social media networks, it also works well through display advertising and on other digital mediums. Presently, the marketers have done their best to exploit the online platform to its advantage, there is still potential to make use of other digital mediums. This is where the digital signage comes in action! By working on the digital signage technique, not only the marketers get to boost their marketing skills, it also gives them the chance to get one step ahead of their competitors.

The digital signage offers a dynamic experience and ensures customer attraction when placed in the public spaces, shopping malls, markets, tall buildings, at a website design company, restaurants, and cafes, in hotels, and transportation systems. The big idea behind the investment in this mode of digital marketing is to reach the people that visit these places. In an interview, Derek Gaskins, the chief customer officer at Ruttlers, which is a convenience store chain in Pennsylvania, portrayed the underlying technique of digital signage in these words, “We went with digital signage for the flexibility and ease of conveying important information to our viewers. We like that we can share details on promotions, products, and services. Using digital signage also allows us to quickly make changes, and create more dynamic images and video to convey our story.”

This suggests that this technique requires a lot of digital marketing skills, right?

Here is how you can boost your skills by using signage method of promotion:

Cost-effectiveness and lower perceived wait time

The marketers try different marketing tricks to keep the interest of the customers intact and to convert them into leads. By practicing digital signage promotion, it is deduced that the marketers learn to use techniques that help save money, is cost-effective and reduces the perceived wait time. The marketing companies in Dubai which showcase the digital signage displays to attract their customers get to view the content on the display. These displays reach a large number of viewers, unlike TVs and radio audiences. Also, the cost of per impression is lower than the routine marketing styles.

Imparts improved customer experience

The skills to pick up from the signage technique include the way through which it enhances the customer experience. A study shows that the digital signage has a 52% recall rate with the customers. This means that the ads and news showed through these screen effect the minds of the customers and compel them to consider the brand product thus, increasing the sales of that product.

Moreover, the customers get all the latest information and news of the updates and promotional deals of the brands. In a glimpse, the viewer knows what’s new and decided whether he wants to check it or not.

Better designing

Using the digital signage helps the marketing department to focus more on the designing of the screens. The slideshows, presentation and the visual content must be attractive. From better color selection to font style, white spaces, templates, and every other thing must be spot on! The FedEx Office carried out a survey to find out the attraction power of signage and showed that around 7/10 or 68% of the American consumers made a purchase of the product just because they caught sight of the display. Thus, the attractive the display screen, the more visually effective it will be.

Focus on influencer marketing and referrals

The digital display screens can show the referrals of the customers as well as words of the influencers thus supporting and promoting influencer marketing. The marketers now need to focus on ways to improvise influencer marketing in order to make it visually appealing for the digital signage. This cycle ensures that the marketers improvise their skills and stay up to date on the trends to achieve success via this trend.

Creative content generation

John Moezzi, national account manager, restaurant and retail vertical sales, NEC Display Solutions, says, “Promotional messaging via digital signage has also been known to drive sales as content is more engaging than traditional static signage through the use of video and animation while also providing an opportunity for many more messages to be delivered in a clutter-free environment.”

Bang on! This is another domain where the digital marketers can boost their skills if they invest good time and effort in the electronic displays used to promote brand sales. From interactive content to live videos, quick infographics, and impressive call-to-actions; everything needs to be stepped up a notch to produce better results.

Brand building and awareness

Here comes the big advantage of using all kinds of digital marketing techniques! It helps the business brand create brand awareness and build the identity of the brand. Wondering how it helps you build the brand? Other than the regular purposes for which we also use online advertisement and marketing, digital signage can help you retain your customers or increase your sales. Say that you are a dentist; you can put on the digital board in your clinic and play a video on how to keep your teeth clean. Also, you can add how necessary is it to get them checked along with a strong CTA. Then see how it produces results. The same benefit can be achieved by corporate buildings, banks, universities and so on.

Social media integration

Social media marketing is a part of the online customer hunt and so combining it with digital screens helps you achieve similar benefits. A good digital marketer will be open to such ideas exploring his options of how to integrate social media to enhance the customer experience and brand’s sales. This brainstorming process helps to look for more skills and tricks to achieve the goal. Keeping in mind factors like the viewers age, profession, level of tech-savvy and why would they need the product; a marketer with creative excellence can turn the way around for the business brand.

Learn the innovative campaign styles

When you aim to test a new technique, you try to add new innovative campaign styles to it. There are multiple examples of businesses that have used digital signage in a wildly successful way for their brands. For instance, the Opticians Council of Canada promoted the call to regular optician visits by placing the digital screens at malls and shopping plazas.

The viewers were asked to step in front of the screen and their silhouette would appear. This way they could also interact with other characters and have fun. The initiative was that those who participated in the act were given gift boxes containing eye drops, lens cleaning kits, frames etc and a certificate of participation as well. This helped in creating awareness and gave the audience a motive and idea to get their eyes tested.

Thus, finding breakthrough ideas for the digital screen became a source to enhance the skills of the marketers.

Coming to an end:

According to a Research and Markets reports, an annual growth rate of 24.38% is predicted in the display technology market from 2017 to 2021. This shows the increasing trend and importance of digital signage in the world of digital marketing and that the marketers will get to polish their skills even furthermore.