Top 5 Significant Pillars of Effective SEO Strategy

SEO is considered the vertebrae of ecommerce considering that search engines are the main source of traffic to every website. For over the last five years, the most visited websites on the internet have all been search engines. This should come as no surprise as most individuals who make use of the internet use it through the aid of search engines. No matter how popular a brand is, you are not assured that your prospects, in particular, will know your website. Search engines, however, will provide your prospects with results that are related to the keywords searched for.

These search engines usually provide your prospects with results based on the requirements set by those search engines. These requirements are necessary if they are to ensure that web users are provided with the best of results. Some of these requirements have been reviewed over time while others have stood the test of time. Below are the top five significant and effective SEO strategies recommended by  the best SEO agencies.

High-Quality Content

This is a classic pillar of an effective SEO strategy. This is one that has stood the test of time and will still rule the future. It could be considered the foundation of every SEO strategy. Content is what you present your prospects or customers with when they click on the link to your website when it appears as a result of a search engine. Without high-quality content, you will end up having only one-time visiting visitors.

Optimized Keywords

This is also another significant pillar of SEO strategy as this is one of the requirements of search engines. Keywords are the phrases or sentences that web users input when they are looking for something on the internet. Using the proper keywords for each content you develop is a good way to boost your SEO.

Quality Backlinks

Does this mean that the more your backlinks are, the higher your SEO is? That is not always the case especially when those backlinks are not linked to top sites. Having quality backlinks is a good way not to just increase your SEO but also assure the user clicking on your link that you are trustworthy.

Ensure your page load is very fast

This could be termed as the first SEO strategy. Users tend to click the back button if your page takes more than two seconds to load. In this era where most networks run on 4G, you have no excuse if your website takes longer than two to five seconds to load. It is advised that you design your website using online tools so that you do not end up stuffing your website with images that will cause it to lag.

Mobile friendly websites

If your website is not yet optimized for mobile view then you have a lot of catching up to do. You can either design your website such that its general interface is suitable for mobile web users or you can also get it done by any best SEO agency having dual interface separately for desktop and mobile views.

Social Media Optimization

Just like the mobile-friendly website, social media presence is also important for your SEO. Social media is a great platform to build your brand while creating an interactive forum in form of a community for your users. This social media community will help you assess how well you have been living up to expectations and tell you if there is a need to re-strategize.

As time goes on, SEO strategies will come and go while others will be reformed. These strategies stated above, however, will stand as a pillar to support other strategies