Woocommerce Smart Coupons – Extended Coupon Generator


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Product Overview


To attract customers to make purchases or to run sales, coupons are very useful. Every online shop needs to have a coupon facility in their shop – now or later. It is beneficial for your store to have an advanced setup available for coupon creation and management.


Smart Coupons plugin is the best way for all eCommerce sellers, using WooCommerce as their selling platform, to add coupons to their stores. This advanced plugin let the online business owners generate, import, export, show and send coupons through their store. You can also send store credit to your registered buyers with the help of this WooCommerce plugin.


Smart Coupons, the extended coupon generator, has the following abilities, to improve your store’s coupon management processes –


  • Generate coupons for your online business
  • Add coupon fields to your shop’s cart page or product pages.
  • Send coupons to your customers through e-mail and improve sales
  • Send store credit to your users and make them happy.
  • Use CSV files for bulk import of coupons to your store.
  • Export the created coupons to a CSV file.
  • Show coupons on users’ account page.
  • Create restrictions and validations for coupons to be sent through email or for checkout process.

This plugin works well with the latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress, while it is mandatory to have at least WooCommerce 2.5 and WordPress 4.5 configured on your domain. It is bug-free, robust and well-optimized. Smart Coupons WooCommerce plugin generates responsive UI elements for your online shop.

Benefits for Sellers


  • Create coupons for your online store & give desired discounts to your buyers easily.
  • Send coupons to your customers via email to improve your emails’ conversion & click-through rate.
  • Sell more by adding discounts to your products and tempting your potential customers to make purchases.
  • Create bulk discounts for your store and save time.
  • Increase your customers’ interest in buying from your store by sending store credit.
  • Easily manage all your coupons from one location within your store.
  • Show coupons on product and cart page, while informing your users about it by adding the coupons to their ‘my account’ page. It serves as an easy way of advertisement for your coupons, and thereby products.

Benefits for Buyers


  • Get the best deals delivered to the email inbox, without visiting the e-commerce store.
  • Avail discount on the products of their choice.
  • Save money by adding the best coupon, available for your purchase.
  • View information related discounted products on the ‘My account’ page while visiting the store.
  • Easily apply the available coupon on the product or cart.
  • Get store credit from the eCommerce store when eligible for the same.
  • Improved shopping experience and reduce the price of products.


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