Woocommerce Price by Customer and User Roles


Woocommerce role based pricing enables you to adopt pricing strategy which meets your goals. Set unique price for each customer, a user role or a group. This way you can have different prices for a single product.




  • You want to charge wholesalers and retailers with different prices
  • You want to offer deals, packages or a discount to a specific user group/role
  • You want to create customer segments and offer different prices

Your customers can select a desired role during registration if you have enabled this feature. On the other hand, you can disable certain user roles which will never get affected from price changes.

How it Works

Create or edit a product on backend where you will find a new tab labeled ‘Price by Role’. On this tab you can enable Woocommerce customer specific pricing as well as perform following actions;

  • Increase or decrease price for customers. This can be fixed amount or in percentage.
  • Increase or decrease price for User Roles. This can be fixed amount or in percentage.

This plugin allows you to offer discounts on the basis of user roles. Create rules to automate the whole process.

Woocommerce Role Based Pricing Features

  • Create unlimited customer roles and assign price to each role
  • You can configure price for customers individually such as different price for administrators, editors etc.
  • Allow customers to select a role during registration. You have the option to enable admin approval in such cases
  • When a user selects a role during registration, it is sent for approval. Status is shown on backend.
  • Configure email templates

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