WooCommerce Mix & Match – Custom Product Boxes Bundles


Mix and Match WooCommerce plugin enables online stores to let their customers create custom product bundles of a certain size, increase the chances of selling for them. It also lets sellers create pre-filled product bundles with optional add-ons.



Product Overview

For the online sellers, willing to buy sets of products of diverse types, Mix and Match WooCommerce Plugin is a perfect plugin. Be it a random set of different types of drinks or cakes, cupcakes, snacks, glasses, grocery, t-shirts, or anything similar, this plugin lets your buyers to group products/items quickly and proceed to cart without hassles. You can even enable the option to add a message and label text alongside gift wrapping for your product boxes.


Through the WooCommerce Mix and Match plugin, you can do the following things for the betterment of your online store and its sales –


  • Create boxes and set the names, descriptions, count of products the buyer could add to the box or bundle (the minimum as well as the maximum value) and image/cover for them.
  • Choose the products, which your buyers could add to the products’ box. This list acts as the suggestion list for your shop visitors.
  • Allow buyers to select the products from purchase and create product boxes with items of their choice.
  • Create pre-filled product boxes to reduce the work for your customers. However, it is possible for the buyers to remove products and change the items in the box.
  • Add mandatory products/items to your pre-filled product boxes. Buyers won’t be able to remove these products from their bundle.


The plugin supports 3 types of pricing methods, to make things flexible for you. You can charge for your bundles in these ways while using Mix and Match plugin –


  • Fix a price for the box. Changing products and count of items won’t affect the pricing of the bundle in this case.
  • Box’s total price will be the sum of the box’s price and all the items added to the box. It can be done when you’re providing an extra box as a container to your customers, buying then product bundle.
  • Cost of product bundle will be calculated dynamically – according to the items added to the bundle by your buyer.

Benefits for Sellers

  • Gain buyers’ attention by allowing them to create product bundles.
  • Increase your sales and shop’s conversion by letting your buyers order products in bulk.
  • Increase the user-friendliness of your e-commerce store by giving your customers a way to make faster checkouts while buying multiple products.
  • Group the products which sell together and upsell well.
  • Create pre-filled boxes to sell product packages/bundles while letting your customers choose add-on items to be purchased alongside your created bundle.

Benefits for Buyers

  • Order multiple products of items faster.
  • Easy checkout process.
  • Order product bundles and get them wrapped for gifting. It’ll reduce the extra work you generally have to do.
  • Find similar products in one place instead of searching for each product of your need separately.
  • Buy without hassles and save your precious time.


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