WooCommerce Custom Registration Fields Plugin


Add unlimited custom fields to all your registration forms, including shop profile form and checkout form. WooCommerce Custom Registration Fields Plugin lets you organized 14 types of form fields, sort them, collect extra data and add reCaptcha.



Product Overview


WooCommerce Custom Registration Fields plugin works smoothly with your WordPress websites and WooCommerce stores. After setting it up with your shop or website, you will be able to add as many custom fields to your registration forms as you want. It accepts 14 types of form fields, for now, namely – text/HTML, email, number, country, textarea, telephone, date, time, URL, file dropdown, radio buttons, state, password, and checkbox.


The main operations, you can perform through this plugin are –


  • Adding an unlimited number of custom fields (Support to 14 form field types) to your registration forms.
  • Deciding whether to render the form fields in full-width or half-width in the registration form.
  • Adding reCaptcha to your forms and ‘My Account’ page, in case of WooCommerce stores.
  • Adding descriptions and labels to your options and form fields.
  • Viewing the collected data in the dashboard and backend of your website or store.
  • Getting free support services when you find it difficult to use or setup this plugin with the online store/WordPress site.
  • Letting your customers or audience drag and drop the files, in you add ‘file’ form field in your registration forms.
  • Sort your form fields by priority and decide the order of rendering.
  • Make it compulsory for your users to fill certain fields, by making them required.
  • Add custom fields on the user profile page in your WooCommerce store.


Letting you choose the layout for your form fields, WooCommerce Custom Registration Fields plugin allows you to customize and add unlimited fields to your forms. The data received through these forms are available for the store or website admins. Overall, the plugin improves your web entity’s registration capacity by manifolds.

Benefits for Sellers


  • Add custom form fields to your registration forms and collect more information than at the time of registration.
  • Enable Google reCaptcha to improve the security of your website or shop and prevent spammers.
  • Decide if you want your form fields to be mandatorily filled or not.
  • Organize form fields in a particular order by sorting them as per your priority.
  • Add 14 types of form fields to your registration forms.
  • Add custom fields in the checkout user registration form.
  • Add custom fields on the user profile page in your WooCommerce store so that they could add more details.

Benefits for Buyers


  • View a clean and well-organized registration form.
  • Provide more information during the registration process so that it could be re-used, saving you from hassles of filling the same details again and again.
  • Leverage drag-n-drop capability to add files quickly to the registration forms.
  • Shop from a security and spam-proof e-commerce store or browse through a safer website.
  • Get quick and efficient support services when in need.


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