Ultimate Product Bundle – Mix and Match Module


Mix And Match PrestaShop Module allows creating and rendering product boxes for eCommerce shops. You can add multiple items, set min/max limit on product count for your boxes and create pre-filled boxes for your buyers. It’s fully-responsive.



Product Overview

Mix and Match is an ultimate PrestaShop module which let the sellers create bundles of products to be sold in groups. You can create boxes and add multiple products to them.


The add-on allows the shop owners/admins to view the abandoned and ordered boxes so that the e-commerce store could be organized easily. Alongside, Mix and Match PrestaShop module lets you render these bundles beautifully in the store. It is fully-responsive and multilingual too, which makes it a user-friendly addition to your shop.


This multi-shop PrestaShop module, Mix and Match, has following features –


  • Add box name, price, default image/cover, and description.
  • Add or remove price for the box items.
  • You can add all types of products to these boxes or bundles.
  • Choose a layout for rendering of your boxes – 2 columns and 3 columns layout can be used.
  • Sellers can set the minimum and maximum number of products that could be added to a box.
  • It supports different pricing options for your boxes, such as – regular box price, regular product price + box price and product add-ons price only.
  • Sellers can add tax rules for the products in the box.
  • For box items, you can enable and disable quality selectors, as per your shop’s requirements.
  • As a shop owner, you can always create boxes with maximum pre-filled products and allow your customers to remove products from it, before the final purchase. This option lets your buyers edit and change the boxes’ products on their devices.
  • There is a bundle of box layouts to choose from. So, you can render your boxes in the preferred design.

Benefits for Sellers

  • Sell more by bundling the right products which go well together.
  • Sell multiple products in bundles and create variable sets of products which generally sell together.
  • Add pizza boxes, cupcake boxes, grocery boxes, glasses, and other such products in bundles.
  • View ordered and abandoned boxes to understand your buyers’ interest and deliver received orders on time.
  • Flexible pricing rules to let you sell product bundles the way you want.
  • Fulfill your customers’ wishes by selling them the product sets as they prefer.
  • Add pre filled boxes and give your buyers the flexibility to choose products to buy.
  • Increased conversion rate and improved user experience.
  • Render your product boxes in a cleaner and well-organized layout than ever.

Benefits for Buyers

  • Select product boxes and buy the needed items in one click, instead of adding them in multiple steps to your cart.
  • Remove the products from the pre-filled boxes if you don’t buy to buy them. This way, your purchase becomes cost-efficient too.
  • Leverage the advantage of a faster checkout process as selecting product boxes happens faster than finding and selecting items of a particular group.


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