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Shipping Delivery Date Extension lets online business owners show exact shipping dates (in date, month and year formats) on the checkout page. It works well for DHL, UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL and other shipping carriers for responsive Magento stores.



Product Overview


Compatible with Magento 2 and above, Shipping Delivery Date Extension is suitable for integrating delivery date related functionality into your e-commerce store. This extension makes your Magento store capable of displaying exact delivery date [for example – July 15th] at the time of checkout so that buyers could know about the same.


While the extension is very useful for improving the user experience and showing the delivery date of your products to the buyers, it is also easy-to-deploy for the eCommerce sellers. Alongside, there are multiple features which make Shipping Delivery Date Plugin a good solution for sellers who use Magento, such as –


  • Show the exact delivery date of sold products on your store, instead of displaying the approximate count of days it will take in shipping.
  • Automate the calculation of delivery date.
  • Add the list of holidays to the plugin so that plugin could skip those dates from delivery date calculation.
  • Allow next day delivery and set the limit for how many times this feature could be used.
  • Set timezone and display and delivery date correctly on the checkout page.


Shipping Delivery Date Extension works well with all major shipping companies, such as – UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, etc. In fact, it works smoothly for all the carriers which render their delivery days in the formats as enlisted under –


  • Next day
  • After ‘n’ day(s) (e.g. After 1 day, after 2 Days, etc.)
  • ‘n’-day (e.g. 1-Day, 4-Day, etc.)


This plugin comes with 6 months of free support and is perfect for responsive websites due to its mobile-first code.

Benefits for Sellers


  • Prevent product returns by specifying the exact delivery dates. It’ll keep your buyers calm too.
  • Improve user experience by showcasing the product delivery date, such as August 21st.
  • Show exact delivery dates so that buyers could understand it better.
  • Skip holidays and render correct delivery dates for your buyers.
  • Allow next day delivery to enhance the customer satisfaction rate. Let them skip delivery multiple times and set a maximum limit for this.
  • Set timezone in the plugin settings so that delivery date calculation could take place correctly.
  • Add the delivery date on the checkout page while keeping the layout of your Magento store responsive and untamed.

Benefits for Buyers


  • See the exact delivery date for the products you have ordered and ensure that you’ll get them on right time or not.
  • Better decision-making at the time of checkout – about whether to order a product or not.
  • Fewer chances of getting into hassles of product returns or refund as you’ll get to see the precise delivery date before checkout.
  • No need for calculating delivery dates manually and hence, no chance of making a mistake in the calculation and expecting early delivery.
  • Improved user experience.

10 reviews for Shipping Delivery Date

  1. Aadrik

    Nice Interface. Very Stable.

  2. Abhimanyu

    Multi date formats and supported with shipping carriers. Recommended!

  3. Aahan

    Buying another plugin and support is very fast. Good Job. :0

  4. Mike

    One of the best plugin that i loved! 😉 Issue fixed.

  5. Mugal

    Nice One!! Improving the user experience and showing the delivery date of your products to the buyers. Good efforts.

  6. Ibrar

    Has multiple useful features related to shipping delivery dates.

  7. Aliya

    It really enhances the shipping delivery date functionality. Really useful.

  8. Umer

    Good for e-commerce stores. Nice Work. Thanks..

  9. Akbar

    Really Improves the Product delivery system.

  10. Aakash

    Wwwaoo… Superb!

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