Pay Your Price – Custom Price Module


The PrestaShop add-on, Pay Your Price, is for the auction-holders, Donation-collectors, sellers willing to sell old stock and shop owners willing to let their customers bargain. Attract buyers and receive variable quotes to get the best deals done.



Product Overview

Suitable for auctions, donations, and sales, this PrestaShop add-on lets your customers enter a purchase price for the product – manually. Shop owners are allowed to set minimum and maximum values for their products.


For the offers enabled with this feature, your customers can enter unique pricing for multiple times, while you can set the maximum limit for doing the same. It let them bargain on the product and avail optimal pricing on your products, increasing their interest in purchasing products from your e-commerce store.


The main features of this PrestaShop add-on, Pay by Price, include –


  • Adding custom price field feature for any product so that buyers could suggest the cost they are willing to pay for your product.
  • Setting minimum and maximum value for a product, in order to give an idea of the product’s selling price.
  • Enabling Google Captcha on the price field so that people don’t use it for spamming your shop.
  • Managing cleared, abandoned and ordered products and creating Cron jobs for the auto-deletion of incomplete/abandoned orders. You can also set custom time for Cron jobs.
  • Viewing the completed (cleared) orders.
  • Showing customized error message on buyer’s screen if needed.
  • Adding add to cart button text. It can be left blank too.
  • Showing/hiding the price of product and the maximum price limit.
  • Letting the potential buyers see the ‘chances of success’ gauge section to understand the probability of success for their entered price.


‘Pay your Price’ can be enabled with any PrestaShop store and it supports multilingual shops without any issues. Also, it comes with 3-months of support facility. So, you won’t face any issues in installing or setting up this add-on for your e-commerce shop.

Benefits for Sellers

  • Receive multiple proposals for your product and sell it at the best price.
  • Attract more customers with the custom pricing feature, where they can tell what they are willing to pay for the product.
  • Run auctions, donation campaigns, and other similar events, or the businesses based on a similar model, without hassles.
  • Motivate your prospects to negotiate on products, in order to increase your chances of selling.
  • Keep the buyers happy by selling the products at the price they want, while not selling your product below a certain cost.
  • Attract high-paying buyers by letting them fill their price of choice for your product.
  • Accept donations from people.
  • Clear old stock by allowing buyers to purchase products at their suggested price.

Benefits for Buyers

  • Bargain, just like you do in auctions and local markets.
  • Purchase products at the price, which suits you.
  • Buy more products in lesser money.
  • Promote the seller by paying them high, if their product deserves that.
  • See the probability of success for your suggested cost.


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