Extended Google Rich Snippets

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Use Extended Google Rich Snippets Magento Extension to appear in Google search engine. Show breadcrumbs, ratings, reviews, prices, etc. for your pages and add a site search box. You can also add schema tags and corporate contact information using it.



Product Overview


Google searches can drive immense traffic to your e-commerce store and getting a place in Rich snippets acts icing on the cake. Getting placed in the searches and snippets for the relevant search queries can boost your sales exponentially. Making this happen is easy for Magento store owners using Extended Google Rich Snippets Extensions.


Compatible with the Magento 2 and above, Extended Rich Snippets Extension lets the business owners get their products listed in Google searches and venture information highlighted in the snippets. With it, store admins can add schema tags for the organizations, product prices, product reviews, product ratings, breadcrumbs, corporate contact information, links to social profiles, and site search boxes.


The main features of Extended Google Rich Snippet Extension are –


  • Display your store’s information in the Google search snippets on relevant queries.
  • Appear in the corporate contact and detail related snippet when a customer searches your brand name.
  • Showcase your social profiles in the Google searches.
  • Add a site search box to let your prospects search for the relevant information in your website directly from the search engine.
  • Display breadcrumbs for your URLs instead of old-fashioned plain URLs which do not make much sense for the people searching for your business.
  • Add Google snippets like product reviews, rating, price, etc. to your pages and products.
  • Add schema tags for highlighting the information related to your organization in the search engine.


Use the plugin to gain an upper hand on your competitors and appear like a more authentic brand to your customers. If using this plugin, you will not have to create an account with Google or use any API. It is developed as per rules specified in Rich Snippet & Schema Markup Development Guide and works as a standalone Magento extension.

Benefits for Sellers


  • Improve your search engine ranking and visibility.
  • Increase the trust of your customers and clients on your brands by appearing in the Google rich snippets.
  • Gain more traffic and sell more with the boosted brand image.
  • Appear in the Google snippet when your brand in searches.
  • Become a trusted seller or service provider by improving your overall business reputation.
  • Reduced bounce rate as viewers will be able to see highlights related to your products from the search engine itself. They will open the page only if interested in making the purchase.

Benefits for Buyers


  • Find the relevant products, services, and content in the Google snippets.
  • Perform site search from the search engine itself and find the required information faster.
  • See rich snippets like product reviews, ratings, prices, etc. on the search page itself and save the time which was usually invested in visiting all top web pages. Through the available information, buyers can make decisions regarding whether to visit a particular product/web page or not.

10 reviews for Extended Google Rich Snippets

  1. Ibrar

    It really displays the store’s information in the Google search snippets on relevant queries.

  2. Ella

    Plugin has multiple features by sellers and buyers.

  3. Abdulkareem

    Works with Google Snippets like Reviews, Rating, Price, etc to your page and products.

  4. Laiba

    The adon is also compatible with schema tags. Awesome!

  5. Avery

    Very useful to increase the customer trust. Love it ;0

  6. Sairus

    Useful to Improve your search engine ranking and visibility.

  7. Harper J.

    I found this plugin really useful to gain more traffic. It’s good.

  8. Jackson

    Easy to implement relevant content on google. Highly Recommended.

  9. S.S Rocky

    I have tested this plugin in-depth and honestly, it is very useful for better online experience.

  10. Abhinav

    It performs the site search more better in search engine.

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