Catalog Visibility Module


Use the ‘Catalog Visibility’ add-on to enable different views of your PrestaShop store for different user types. Restrict buyers from viewing particular products or pages, redirect them from a product to certain URL, show error message and do more.



Product Overview

This add-on is for those PrestaShop e-commerce store owners, who want to customize the view of their shop as per the customer type. With this extension, it is easy for the shops to create multiple buyer groups and render suitable products for them. 3 months support and well-prepared documentation make it simple for the store owners set it up on their online store without difficulties.


The most powerful capabilities of the Catalog Visibility add-on include the followings –


  • Put restrictions on specific categories, products, pages, and users as per the need of your store.
  • Add the duration (dates) for the restrictions, if you want to deploy them for a particular time period.
  • Set custom messages, which will be visible for a certain group of users, or even – You can set it for a particular user.
  • Enable or disable the Catalog Visibility Module as per the shop’s requirements. Admins can do that.
  • Create a list of restricted products for certain customer group(s). Search, add and remove products from this list.
  • Show a customized message on restricted products or redirect people from restricted products to a URL.

While using the add-on ‘Catalog Visibility’, along with increased customization capability of your PrestaShop website, you can enjoy improved store security too.


Note – We always suggest the store owners take a backup before making any changes to the PrestaShop store. It works well with PrestaShop version 1.6 and above.

Benefits for Sellers

  • Organize your shop the way you want.
  • Make your shop user-friendly – more than ever.
  • Present a highly-customized set of products to your customers as they prefer.
  • Increase your sales by customizing the view of the PrestaShop store and removing unnecessary products from your buyers’ view.
  • Restrict a certain customer group or a specific user from viewing a particular product or page, as Catalog Visibility add-on lets you control the visibility of your shop’s product the way you want.
  • You can schedule restrictions on your products. It means that it is not required for you to manually add or remove a restriction at the time when deployment is needed. It can also be done before that, if you know about the start & end date of your restriction in advance. Just set the dates and forget it.
  • Full of usable features, this add-on will help you work more productively.

Benefits for Buyers

  • View fewer and the most relevant products in the shop so that you could choose the right product as per your requirement.
  • Enjoy a faster and more efficient checkout process.
  • Make easy purchases by searching through a lesser number of products than the store actually have.
  • Customer type based product listings, hence better user experience and clearer interface.


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